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What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?

Nose aesthetics for men is an operation that reshapes the male nose and leads to an advanced facial aesthetic. Male rhinoplasty includes serious structural, surgical and approach differences compared to female rhinoplasty and aims to achieve a masculine, masculine and natural result. Male rhinoplasty also provides correction of structural defects in the nose such as septum curvature or respiratory problems.

What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?
What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?


How to Perform Nose Aesthetics for Men?

Male rhinoplasty can be performed with two different techniques, open or closed. Both techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the open technique, a small incision is made at the tip of the nose and the nasal skin is lifted to access the bones and cartilages. In the closed technique, the incisions are hidden inside the nose and the nasal skin is not lifted. Which technique is appropriate is decided according to the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s expectations.

Some of the points to be considered in male rhinoplasty surgery are as follows:

  • Flat or slightly arched nasal back
  • The tip of the nose is not raised, high, narrow or pointed
  • Nostrils visible when viewed from the front
  • The angle between the tip of the nose and the lip is 90-95 degrees
  • The nose structure is compatible with the facial features
  • Resolving respiratory problems
  • Correction of curvature or asymmetry
What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?
What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?

What are the Advantages of Nose Aesthetics for Men?

One of the most common reasons for rhinoplasty for men is to correct the asymmetry in the nose structure. Problems such as excessive nasal arch, low nasal tip, and asymmetry in the nostrils can negatively affect men’s aesthetic concerns and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty operation aims to correct these problems and achieve a more balanced appearance.

After rhinoplasty, the healing process may vary from person to person. There may be swelling, bruising and mild pain in the nose after the operation. These symptoms will subside in a few weeks. During the healing process, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations, eat carefully and rest.

Rhinoplasty for men can increase self-confidence and provide you with a more balanced facial contour by providing aesthetic and functional benefits. However, since the decision for rhinoplasty is a personal preference, it should be well thought through before speaking to a doctor.

There are many advantages of rhinoplasty for men. Some of these are:

Facial expression looks more attractive and confident
Elimination of deformities in the nose
Improving respiratory functions
Feeling more comfortable and happy psychologically
Being more successful in social relationships

What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?
What is Nose Aesthetics for Men?

What are the Factors Affecting Male Rhinoplasty Prices?

Male rhinoplasty prices may vary depending on many factors such as the experience of the surgeon performing the operation, the quality of the hospital, the duration of the operation, the technique and materials used. Therefore, it is not possible to give an exact price. However, we can say that, on average, male rhinoplasty prices for 2023 may vary between 15,000 TL and 30,000 TL.