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What is Neck Botox?

What is Neck Botox?

The signs of aging, wrinkles and sagging problems that occur over time in the neck and décolleté area are quite natural, and in this case, applying neck botox will be one of the easiest solutions. Over time, looseness and deterioration may occur in the platysma, which is called the curtain muscle in the neck. In addition, in the interventions required for jowl botox or neck, sagging usually occurs in 2 muscle bands in this region. For such cases, neck botox may be required. On the other hand, in the neck botox process, all wrinkles and lines are removed and you can get a much younger look.

Botox Types

In fact, there are many different types and regions of botox. When Botox is mentioned, only the eye area may come to mind. Or, it can be seen as a procedure performed only for aesthetic concerns. But botox aesthetics is also extremely effective for serious health problems. For example; Jaw botox is a frequently used method for bruxism (sleep teeth clenching) patients. Thanks to the botox procedure applied to the chin, individuals find a solution to the problem of clenching teeth at night that will damage their teeth. Botox can also be applied to the forehead, cheeks, temples and around the eyes.

Neck Botox

We can say that neck botox, which is frequently preferred after middle age, is a very effective and popular method. Because it is an easy and risk-free procedure, those who use a neck botox, which are also satisfied by those who are preferred, have the procedure done again after the botox effect wears off.

How Is Neck Botox Made?

Neck botox, which is preferred by many people, is frequently preferred because of its prices and the ease of the process. It is applied with a Botox injection in a line extending to the neck area, around the jowl or to the chin. The jowl botox or neck botox process, which is applied in certain doses to every point your doctor deems appropriate, is an extremely easy and practical operation that will be completed within minutes.

Benefits of Botox

The benefits of botox, which is wondered by most people, actually vary from person to person. Botox will definitely be a great method for you if you have aesthetic concerns. However, if you need botox under the control of a doctor due to a condition related to health problems, side effects or possible complications are determined beforehand and the application is made accordingly.

Where Is Botox Applied?

In fact, botox can be applied to any thin and deep lined, sagging or wrinkled area that is deemed necessary. It is recommended that this application, which is made in the most appropriate way for your skin structure, is done in reliable places and by experts.

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