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If your body, which is sagging after wearing skirts, pants, dresses, etc. clothes in your daily life, affects your psychology, disturbs you and creates prejudices, we can say that this aesthetic operation is right for you. Immediately after the abdominoplasty surgery, your sagging belly and protrusions will be largely eliminated and will refresh your self-confidence as well as add a more comfortable life to you. Although the operation line is slightly longer than the line in the cesarean section, it also changes the location of your belly button because there is tension in the upper abdomen. The issue that patients are most afraid of is the issue of scarring. We would like to point out that you should definitely not hesitate in this regard. Just like in caesarean section, the operation scar is in the area where it will not be visible from the outside, under your underwear. What is Abdominoplasty? The operation we call “Abdominoplasty” in medical language is known as “tummy tuck” surgery among the people.  The main purpose of the surgery is to eliminate the sagging that deeply affects the psychology of the person that occurs in the abdominal region and to reveal a tighter body. This operation, which changes the posture of your body a lot after the surgical procedure, of course, carries certain risks as in all other surgeries. In our clinic, we provide detailed information about what you need to do after this operation and to minimize the risks of the operation.   The recovery process of our patient after surgery actually varies from person to person. This process is shaped according to the habits and physical characteristics of the person. In addition, the patient’s metabolism also affects this process. How Long Does Abdominoplasty Last? Abdominoplasty, that is, tummy tuck surgery, covers an average of 2-4 hours depending on the size of the planned surgical operation. In addition, the operation we call mini abdominoplasty is  completed in an average of 1-2 hours due to the fact that it is less comprehensive than the other. A drain is inserted to drain the blood accumulated in the operation area of the patient who undergoes the postoperative operation and to drain the tissue fluid and not to cause infection.  In order to monitor the drain and observe the result of the operation, the patient rests in the service of the hospital where we have performed the operation for at least 1 day (usually 2 days). Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Dangerous? This is the first question we have received from our patients who have applied. In our clinic, we explain in detail to the patients we have informed by examining them free of charge that there are some risks in tummy tuck surgery and what they should do. As in all operations, a number of complications may occur with the accumulation of blood under the skin, hematoma and tissue fluid accumulation and infection in abdominal stretching surgery, ie abdominoplasty surgery. In order to eliminate these unwanted situations, we carry out the necessary procedures during the surgery and inform the patients by following them for a while.   During the operation, we take the necessary actions to prevent the accumulation of blood and tissue fluid inside. In addition, we install a drain in the area where our patient is operated, follow the drain and keep our patient under observation. After the operation, we apply the necessary external support drugs to our patient and minimize all the problems that may arise by making periodic controls. Istanbul Tummy Tucking Surgery and Prices If you want to have information about Istanbul abdominoplasty surgeries and prices, you can visit our clinic in Caddebostan and get a free examination. In addition, it is possible to contact you by filling out the form in the contact section. You can click here to see the cases from the instagram page where we have shared the operations we have done and to contact us.  
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