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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery

A tummy tuck — also known as abdominoplasty — is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the shape and appearance of the abdomen.

In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, it may require eliminating extra loose skin, fat and stretch marks. The goal is to remove excess skin from the stomach that cannot be removed with exercise, such as excess skin caused by pregnancy or significant weight loss.

What Does It Involve?

There are 2 types of tummy tuck, and both are usually done under a general anaesthetic.

Complete abdominoplasty:

Patients that require the most correction should choose this option. The bikini line is where the incision (cut) is done, roughly at the same level as your pubic hair. The quantity of excess skin affects how long the scar will be. The skin and muscle will then be adjusted and shaped by your surgeon as necessary. Because it’s necessary to separate your navel from the surrounding tissue for this treatment, you will also have an incision around your belly button. You may or may not have drainage tubes inserted under your skin. In a few days, these will be taken out as your surgeon deems necessary.

Partial or mini-abdominoplasty:

Shorter incisions are used during mini-abdominoplasties, which are frequently carried out on patients with less extra skin. You won’t likely have your belly button repositioned during this kind of treatment. The area of skin between the incision line and your belly button will be separated. Usually, this process takes between one and two hours. After surgery, you might or might not have drainage tubes, just like with a full abdominoplasty.

After your partial or complete tummy tuck, your incision site will be stitched and bandaged. After surgery, your surgeon might instruct you to wear a compression garment or elastic bandage. If so, it’s crucial that you adhere to your surgeon’s instructions for how to wear the garment and take care of the bandage. Additionally, your surgeon will advise you on the most comfortable positions to sit or lie down in.

These are the surgical procedures carried out using traditional permanent sutures.Please get in touch with us by phone, email, or by completing the Request for Information form to learn more about tummy tuck.