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Ревизионная ринопластика

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty Unfortunately, not all rhinoplasty procedures can result in pleasing outcomes. When anatomical defects persist after the initial procedure and/or the patient is not happy with the way their nose looks after primary rhinoplasty, or "nose job," revision rhinoplasty is carried out after the healing time. In a minor revision surgery, only minimal adjustments are…

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вопросы по ринопластике

Common Rhinoplasty Questions

Common Rhinoplasty Questions Rhinoplasty questions find answers for you in this article. 1. Rhinoplasty Questions: How long of a recovery period can I expect? Will I need time off work? A successful operation requires a successful recovery. You must have a number of things and actions in mind. Here is a summary of the timeline for…

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Нехирургическая ринопластика

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Dermal fillers are used to temporarily change the shape of your nose in non-surgical rhinoplasty, which is an aesthetic treatment. This is an alternative for those who do not want to have plastic surgery. This procedure is often referred to as liquid or nonsurgical rhinoplasty. Can nonsurgical rhinoplasty do what surgery does? Nonsurgical rhinoplasty…

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