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Is Silicone Breast Surgery Harmful?

It is a known fact that aesthetic surgical procedures such as Silicone Breast Surgery (Breast Augmentation) have potential risks. Therefore, it is important for potential patients to be knowledgeable about the risks and benefits of the procedure in order to make informed decisions. In this article, we will examine the basic information about Silicone Breast…

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What Is 360 Feet Surgery?

Foot and ankle problems are common, affecting millions of people worldwide. These problems can range from minor injuries to severe conditions that affect the ability to walk and perform daily activities. For many patients, conservative treatments such as physical therapy, orthotics, and medications can provide relief. However, some conditions may require surgery, such as 360…

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ревизионной хирургии грудных

Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision The goal of breast implant revision surgery is to replace old breast implants with new implants. Often the goal is also to change or improve the appearance of the breasts while updating the implant material. Why Have a Breast Implant Revision? Breast implants and the breast tissue that covers them may vary in…

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Mastopexy The another name for a breast lift is mastopexy. A plastic surgeon lifts and reshapes your breasts during this operation to give them a firmer, rounder appearance. The procedure also decreases the size of your areola. The colorful circle surrounding your nipple. And removes superfluous skin from the area around your breasts. Women usually get…

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грудной имплантат

Breast Implant Illness

Breast implant illness Breast pain, alterations in nipple and breast sensation, the creation of scar tissue, rupture, and deflation are the most frequent issues associated with breast implant, which carry a 1% chance of difficulties. Breast implant sickness, or BII, is a collection of symptoms that only a tiny percentage of women report experiencing. The symptoms…

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meme dikleştirme ameliyatı

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery An operation called a breast lift surgery is carried out by a plastic surgeon to alter the shape of the breasts. A plastic surgeon raises the breasts by removing extra skin and reshaping the breast tissue during a breast lift. The term "mastopexy" also refers to a breast lift. You might choose to…

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