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Нитевой лифтинг

Thread Lift

Thread Lift Age-related skin changes are one aspect of aging. Over time, your skin begins to lose its elasticity and strength. As a result, sagging and wrinkles occur on the skin. Additionally, as you age, your cartilage weakens and may become less supportive of the surrounding skin. As the skin and cartilage on your face…

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О кожных наполнителях

About Dermal Fillers

About Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers aid in reducing facial wrinkles and restoring the fullness and volume of the face.Our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat as we get older. As a result of the facial muscles being used more closely to the skin's surface, smile lines and crow's feet are more noticeable. This loss of facial volume…

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Bichectomy By removing the cheek fat, bichectomy surgery tries to create more defined cheeklines. It is a favorite aesthetic procedure for both men and women. What Happens During A Bichectomy? Under local anesthesia, a skilled physician can execute a bichectomy in about 30 minutes. On the inside of the cheek, a very little (1 cm) incision…

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Ботокс для лба

Forehead Botox

Forehead Botox After the age of 20, both men and women's foreheads have been known to develop wrinkles because of the frontalis muscle on the forehead and primarily as a result of aging naturally. Other aspects of one's lifestyle, such as lifting one's eyebrows or yelling excessively while stressed, can develop lines on the face…

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инъекции ботокса

Botox Injections

Botox Injections By relaxing the muscles in your face, Botox injections (Botulinum toxin) can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines like crow's feet and frown lines. How Is Botox Used? Botox is most frequently used by medical professionals to minimize facial wrinkles. But receiving a Botox injection can also assist with the following conditions: Profound…

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