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Nose Aesthetics and Prices

Aesthetic surgery on the nose includes septoplasty and concho surgery, and performing all these surgical procedures by a single physician is important for the aesthetic appearance of the nose and the recovery period.

What is Nose Aesthetics?

The nose is an organ that plays an important role in our daily life with its breathing and olfactory functions and is located in the middle of our face, which affects the aesthetic appearance considerably. Patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their nose with rhinoplasty recreate their facial expressions, aesthetic appearance and face shape. In the nasal aesthetic operation, where many surgical procedures are applied under the name of rhinoplasty, it is applied in functional procedures so that the patient can breathe better.

Why is rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty can be done with health problems or aesthetic appearance concerns. The patient, who has functional breathing problems, may not be satisfied with his aesthetic appearance and may want to have a rhinoplasty. People’s noses can be deformed congenitally or by an acquired event, and generally patients with a deformed nose experience breathing problems. The functional inability of the nose to fully function causes respiratory problems and may lead to different health problems. Many problems such as having a curvature or protrusion in the bone part of the nose, an excessively large nose, a problem with the cartilage structure, and the lack of symmetry of the nose cause the need for rhinoplasty. Personal preferences come into play here if it is desired to correct the appearance of these problems, as well as aesthetically.

When should rhinoplasty be done?

The question of when to have rhinoplasty is frequently asked by patients. People who want to have rhinoplasty surgery should complete their physiological development. If the breathing problem is at a high level, the operation can be performed at a younger age.

What are the dos and don'ts after rhinoplasty?

After the rhinoplasty surgery, a painful process usually begins and the patient should put ice on the nose and its surroundings in order to avoid excessive bruising. After the rhinoplasty operation, the patient stays in the hospital for one day and his general health is kept under observation during this process. It is not recommended to stand up immediately after the operation and it is quite normal for the patient to stand up for the first time, dizziness, nausea and blackout. After the operation, blood discharge from the nose may occur and these discharges may cause nausea. It is important to consume liquid things after the surgery. In the first week, the patient may experience bruising in and around the nose, and edema may increase. This is a normal process of rhinoplasty and the nose may be constantly blocked. After rhinoplasty, water should not be drawn into the nose, nose should be blown and glasses should not be worn. Active sports are not recommended in order for the patient’s nose to fit the patient’s face as desired, and activities with high facial muscle involvement should be avoided.

How long is the recovery period for rhinoplasty?

The patient who undergoes rhinoplasty operation stays in the hospital for one day and is discharged home afterwards. Patients should not stand up and eat for 4-6 hours. The patient, who needs to consume liquid after 6 hours, should constantly make an ice complex. These are the factors that determine the recovery time. In addition, protecting the patient’s nose, not being exposed to the sun too much, not moving the facial muscles too much accelerates the recovery time.

Rhinoplasty prices

Rhinoplasty prices may vary depending on many reasons. These reasons are the expertise of the transplant, the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the city and nose problems. The person who will have rhinoplasty should meet with the doctor face to face and clearly state what he wants. The experience of the physician can be shown as the main factor affecting the prices of rhinoplasty.



Rhinoplasty; It is an operation performed to shape our nose to make it more suitable for our face and at the same time to provide functionality to our nose by solving breathing problems.
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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Nasal tip aesthetics are procedures performed for patients who do not have an arched nose and only have problems such as low nasal tip and nasal tip width.
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Revision Rhinoplasty

It is the operation performed in cases such as anatomical problems such as bending and asymmetry that may occur in the nose after aesthetic nose surgeries, functional problems or the visual result is not as desired.
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Computer Nose Design

Today, with the advancement of technology and the development of computer simulation programs, you can now pre-evaluate what your appearance will be like after the surgery, and express your ideas and wishes accordingly.
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Nasal Septum Deviation (Septoplasty)

Septum deviation describes the curvatures in the midline of the nose. This partition, which is normally straight and divides the nasal cavity into two as right and left, can be bent due to birth or subsequent blows.
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