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Rhinoplasty (Nose job) in Turkey

In Turkey, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is a successful aesthetic procedure for correcting abnormalities. Dr. Soner Tezcan has performed procedures using his experience that have produced excellent results in this area.

People are really delighted with the aesthetic procedures our doctor performs and leave our clinic.

The most crucial connection to the outside world is the face. The nose is one of the key features that highlights the beauty of the face.

People prefer nasal aesthetics to solve these issues because a deformity in the nose can lead to a variety of psychological and social problems.

Men have cosmetic surgery to feel good, even if women frequently favor practical aesthetic procedures because of today’s evolving technologies.

In the entire world, this procedure is one of the most often carried out. These procedures are carried out to help people have the nose structure they desire in accordance with their expectations, as cosmetic applications alter the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

A phase of preparation must occur prior to the operation. In this stage of preparation, people learn what to expect from nasal cosmetic applications and plan the type of nose structure they wish to have with the aid of photographs.

Prior to the surgical rhinoplasty treatments, the patient undergoes all the necessary tests, and if the patient’s medical history is known, the specialist will listen to it. In order to prepare for the procedure, it is crucial for the patient to cease using blood thinners and all other vitamin supplements, and to be completely honest with the doctor.

Additionally, adhesions from the previous surgery make it challenging to separate the skin and soft tissue from the cartilage. Additionally, we frequently need to reconstruct a portion of the nose, so we must obtain cartilage from additional sources (we usually prefer rib cartilage).

After Rhinoplasty Surgery

We want to perform another revision surgery at least four to six months following the initial procedure, but if this is to be the second revision (i.e., third nose surgery), we advise waiting at least a year to give the tissues time to heal.

How Is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

In order to correct the contour of the nose, several different methods or surgeries may be combined. Soner Tezcan, your specialist doctor, first listens to the patient’s history and expectations with open ears, makes sure the right procedure is used with the right surgery, and makes sure the patient leaves the center content.

On the doctor’s discretion, the procedure, which is often carried out under general anesthesia, may occasionally be carried out under local anesthetic.

Depending on the patient’s condition, the procedure may take an average of three hours to complete, and an overnight hospital stay may be necessary. Modern rhinoplasty procedures are performed in a quick and comfortable manner so that the patient won’t experience any pain.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques:

Open and closed rhinoplasty techniques can be used for this operation. In open procedures, a little skin incision is made in the centre of each nostril. It is preferred in patients who have advanced abnormalities and a broad view of the doctor.

The incision is made through the nostrils when performing aesthetic surgery on the closed nose. The primary benefit of closed surgery is better protection of the delicate tissues inside the nose and an incision that is made outside the nose.

What distinctions exist between male and female rhinoplasty procedures?

Male beauty standards provide for a straight nasal ridge and a less pronounced nose-lip angle than in women. A feminine (feminine) appearance is produced by a nose that has an excessively curled and elevated tip.

It is preferable for female patients to have a slightly elevated nose tip and a modest curvature on the back of the nose. The average angle between the nose and upper lip should be 95 degrees for men and 100 degrees for women.

Female patients should have softer passages, but male patients’ lines are more obvious and pointed. Male patients may occasionally desire only specific areas of their noses to be fixed. They genuinely don’t want much to change.

For an example, consider removing the nasal bridge or very slightly raising the low nasal tip. The planning of the surgery should take into account the thicker and more oily skin of male patients.

It can be essential to provide extra treatments before or after the surgery by visiting the skin experts, depending on the condition of the thick skin.

In men and women who have undergone aesthetic nose surgery, different amounts of cartilage tissues are often removed. Men are more likely to experience post-operative edema and bruising, and the nose takes longer to reach its ultimate shape.

Is An Intra Nose Pad Used In Nose Aesthetics?

After the operation, the patient may be kept under observation for one night as a precaution. This decision is entirely dependent on the patient’s health.

During the procedure, silicone pads are put in the nose to prevent the possibility of bleeding, and they are removed 2-3 days later.

During the procedure, a mold (splint) is applied to the back of the nose. Five to six days following the operation, this mold is removed, and massage treatments are immediately begun.

When Is a Patient With a Nose Aesthetic Discharged?

Depending on his condition after rhinoplasty surgery, the patient is typically kept overnight in the hospital for observation. The operation is followed by execution after 4-6 hours.

After two to three hours, if there is still no sign of a health issue with the nausea, the patient may begin drinking water and eating.

The patient should occasionally be sent home the same day, occasionally the following day, and the specialist physician should visit the controls during the recuperation period.

Is the patient who undergone a nose surgery in pain? What About Bruising or Swelling?

Mild bruising and swelling during and after this time are thought to be perfectly typical and diminish quickly on their own. The person’s appearance can be covered up with makeup after 4-5 days and steadily gets worse.

After a recuperation period of 5-7 days, the patient who completed an easy procedure with no difficulties can return their normal lives.

Mild bruising and swelling during and after this time are thought to be perfectly typical and diminish quickly on their own. The person’s appearance can be covered up with makeup after 4-5 days and steadily gets worse.

What are the advantages of rhinoplasty surgery?

Arhinoplasty can help keep your skinface as amore appealing and balanced appearance.

  • Having surgery can boost your confidence if you’ve studied your nose’s shape for years. In numerous scientific survey surveys, patients report feeling significantly more at ease and confident after surgery, with an average response rate of 96%. We note that the Istanbul Rhinoplasty Clinic has strong patient satisfaction rates that are comparable to those found worldwide.
  • The day after your procedure, we will perform your hospital discharge (In special requests, we can be discharged 6 hours after the operation, but in our practice, we recommend our patients stay in the hospital for 1 night).

From the second day following the operation, you can explore the entirety of Istanbul.

For six weeks following surgery, sleep on high pillows to help with swelling reduction.

  • When attempting to lay on your side, we suggest bringing travel pillows.
  • Eat a low-sodium diet to lessen swelling near the tip of the nose.
  • For the first 48 hours, apply an ice-cube-filled cold compress.
  • Try not to blow your nose as this could cause stitches to break and cause further edema.
  • Skip any physically demanding activities for the first two weeks and any contact sports for the next four.

What are some hints to speed up the recovery from rhinoplasty?

Is it risk-free to get an ethnic rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey?

Any surgical procedure or medical procedure has the risks. However, that does not imply that you should be more concerned about an ethnic rhinoplasty than a standard rhinoplasty. You can get excellent outcomes with the perfect rhinoplasty surgeon without any problems.

After an ethnic nose job (rhinoplasty), how much does your nose change?

It entirely depends on what the patient expects. During our face-to-face consultation in our clinic, We will take notes on your goals and concepts for the procedure and then use 3D models to show you what is possible. After that, we decide on a final strategy for your procedure.

What is the average cost of nose surgery in the world and for you?

Insurance does not pay for rhinoplasty when it is done merely for cosmetic reasons, but it may be helpful if structural changes are needed to address medical issues. Some insurance companies may pay for operations to enhance nasal function (septoplasty, nasal valve repair, turbine reduction, etc.).

Depending on the specifics of the insurance policy, the coverage’s extent varies. In this regard, if you’d like, we can supply you with a provision (pre-approval) document to include in your request for a refund from your insurance provider. However, keep in mind that businesses frequently default on their obligations, and we are unable to guarantee payment.

Additional factors that influence the price as follows:

What country or region ?

Is this a first-time procedure or a fix?

The caliber of the medical facility where the operation will be performed

with experience of teams.

Open-closed surgery, the technique the surgeon applies, and the length of time spent doing nose job surgery.

The surgeon’s experience and the number of pleased patients in this area are two of the most significant factors impacting price.