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The main benefit that non-surgical aesthetic interventions offer us in the basic sense is to improve the quality of the skin, which acts as the outer cover of our body, and to eliminate the deficiencies that cause signs of aging. Non-surgical aesthetic procedures, which we can easily provide patient comfort with local anesthetic creams or injections, offer great comfort for the patient because they can be applied in office conditions.




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Caddebostan Mahallesi Bağdat Caddesi No: 272 A Blok Daire:3 Kadıköy / İstanbul

    About Me

    Soner TEZCAN, M.D was born in 1984 in Zile/Tokat. After completing his primary and secondary education there, he continued his education in Istanbul Kuleli Military High School in 1998. He studied medicine at Gülhane Military Medical Faculty between 2002-2008. Later, he completed his specialty education in Ankara Keçiören Training and Research Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. He worked as a specialist at Yozgat City Hospital and Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital. During this period, he participated in congresses, conferences and presentations on Plastic Surgery. His articles have been published in national and international refereed journals. He is currently serving his patients in his private clinic in Istanbul in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery.
    He is married and has a daughter named Pera.

    What is Aesthetic Surgery?

    It is a sub-branch in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery deals with operations and attempts to make the body image more beautiful and perfect. There are more aesthetic problems than a medical problem here. In the media, news about the aesthetic aspect of plastic surgery take place more, and perhaps for this reason, the public perceives plastic surgeons only as those who perform aesthetic surgery. However, plastic surgeons mostly deal with repair surgery (reconstructive surgery) in clinics.

    All plastic surgeons also receive aesthetic surgery training during their specialization training and are the only surgeons authorized to perform these operations. Aesthetic surgery requires a long education and experience. Such operations require both surgical and artistic talent. In aesthetic surgery, not always aesthetic, but sometimes medical problems are solved. For example, surgical correction of an overweight body or gigantic enlarged breasts (gigantomastia) solves both medical and aesthetic problems. Besides the aesthetic correction of an organ, its function is also extremely important. For example: in aesthetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), shape and breathing problems should be corrected together.

    In our country, breast plastic surgery (enlargement-reduction-lift), nose aesthetic surgery (rhinoplasty), body contour surgery (liposuction, lipectomy, abdominoplasty), face lift-renewal, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), pinnae correction (scoop ear) are frequently used. It is among the aesthetic operations performed.

    It is necessary to apply to specialist plastic surgeons for aesthetic surgery operations. Trying to perform aesthetic surgery by doctors in other fields creates many medical, ethical and forensic problems, and patients in unskilled hands face complications that are very difficult to correct. Therefore, when choosing a surgeon for the above-mentioned problems, it will be to their advantage to consult “Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons”.

    An Aesthetic Look

    Our state-of-the-art services that we provide for you with the most accurate and natural care.


    Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Rhinoplasty aims alongside of correcting the appearance in other words the aesthetics of the nose, correcting breathing functions of the naso-respiratory structure, also correcting the psychological expectancy, mood of the patient.
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    Facial Aesthetics

    Purpose in the facelift surgeries is taking the sagging cheek and neck area back to their old place, providing wrinkles to reduce, bringing younger and more dynamic appearance to the face.
    More Details

    Breast Aesthetics

    In such cases, it is possible to create breasts which are bigger, larger, more thickened, with more beautiful appearance aesthetically, and have projection by the surgeries performed oriented to enlarge and augment the small breast.
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    Body Aesthetics

    Liposuction (fat removal with vacuum) is the surgery of removing regionally accumulated excess fats by vacuum. It is used in reducing, removing the excess fat in any area containing fats of the body. In regional slimming, it is a perfect method,
    More Details

    Genital Aesthetics

    One of the most common aesthetic vaginal problems women are most troubled with is color change, sagging, and size of the labia minora and majora.
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    Hair Transplant

    The exact definition of the problem of hair transplantation can be stated as a natural and permanent solution applied for patients with hair loss problem or hair loss.
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    Ear Aesthetics

    In the prominent ear deformity; non-formation, low development, or insufficient development of the folds in ear are in question. The ears stand further away from the head.
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    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery, or plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with its full name, is a surgical discipline that covers restructuring and shaping of various structures on the body, removal of serious tissue losses and all kinds of aesthetic interventions.
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    op. dr. soner tezcan

    We in the media

    We inform you about those who are curious and about the issues that you have wrong information about.

    What Diseases Does Plastic Surgery Treat?

    • Congenital or acquired deformities (cleft lip, cleft palate, congenitally attached fingers)
    • Open wounds after trauma and illness
    • Post-traumatic facial fractures and their surgical treatment
    • Skin cancers and surgical treatment
    • Post-traumatic functional disorders of the hand and Hand Surgery
    • Microsurgery (Tissue transplants, nerve, vascular repairs)
    • Surgical treatment of skin tumors (moles, moles)
    • Eyelid disorders
    • Burns and scars that cause functional and deformities
    What Did They Say About Us?

    Customer comments

    I’m on my 10th day, now I can breathe more easily and have a really beautiful nose. It’s really nice to see that there are such valuable physicians in our country.

    Ser*** i***

    Ser*** i***

    He is an extremely polite doctor who works in accordance with the wishes of his patient. Thank you very much. I had a successful operation.

    Nur*** E***

    Nur*** E***

    An excellent doctor with his interest and relevance works wonders in 5 minutes, I am very pleased. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you to him.

    Ayb*** P***

    Ayb*** P***

    I’ve been wanting to get my nose done for years and I was very afraid of regret, but both my surgery process was easy and I didn’t regret it afterwards.

    Berk*** A***

    Berk*** A***

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Crow’s feet.
    • Fine lines, such as vertical lines on the lips.
    • Nose-lip lines.
    • Marionette lines running down the corners of the lips.
    • The frown lines between the eyebrows.
      Lip shaping.
      Clarifying cheekbones, enlarging the chin.

    As with all aesthetic procedures, breast lift operations are not applied to patients under the age of 18 unless there is a special situation. According to the degree of sagging in breast lift operations, only around the nipple (periareolar mastopexy), a vertical scar around the nipple and downwards (vertical mastopexy), a vertical scar around the nipple, descending from here, and a horizontal scar located under the breast (reverse T method) remains. These traces become vague over time. If the nipple is not too saggy and the breast is emptied after birth, the sagging can be corrected by simply placing a breast prosthesis.

    There are small dressings at the cannula entry points. For the first 24 hours, a bloody fluid leaks from these holes. The patient can take a bath after two days. Three days later, he comes for a check-up, and then he can return to work and start his normal daily activities, drive a car. In the first month, he should not do sports other than walking.

    Breast reduction surgeries are performed for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Especially the pain that occurs in the neck and back due to the effect of weight, the serious pressures caused by the bra straps, the irritation and rashes that occur under the breast in the summer months are serious problems for patients and can be eliminated with breast reduction surgeries.

    Removing the fat tissue in the body with the help of vacuum is called “liposuction”. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. Liposuction is a procedure to remove limited fat deposits in areas that cannot be thinned by diet and sports. The success of the procedure depends on the skin elasticity.

    Surgery is not and cannot be a cause of breast cancer per se. We may even have the opportunity to make an early diagnosis by sending the part removed during breast reduction for pathological examination in patients with a family history of breast cancer or a suspicious mass in the breast. Early diagnosis saves the life of the patient, especially in cancer cases.




    Different Service

    facial rejuvenation

    A New Look!

    There may be facial sagging, wrinkles, various spots and irregularities caused by sun exposure, daily stress and other factors with age. These changes, which tend downwards with the effect of gravity, should be prevented in the early period with non-surgical methods.



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