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Vaginal Tightening Surgery (Vaginoplasty)


Loosening and spaciousness in the vagina area is one of the serious sexual problems not only for ladies, but also between couples. Vagina enlargement and relaxation may be structurally dependent on genetics and body characteristics, as well as normal postpartum, weight gain, excessive weight loss, excessive abortions, too many sexual intercourse as a result of trauma that may occur as a result of the relaxation, expansion and sagging of muscles, skin, mucous membranes and soft tissues in the lower vaginal area.

The purpose of vagina tightening surgery or vagina sexual aesthetic surgery is to provide a surgical reconstruction process to correct the aesthetic appearance in the outer area caused by the loosening of the vagina depending on age or births and to increase the pleasure of sexual intercourse in the inner region. If the patient wishes, non-surgical vaginal tightening is also possible.

In particular, vagina narrowing surgery can be performed at the latest 10 days before the end of menstrual bleeding or the period period. This timing is preferred so that the bleeding that will occur after the operation does not mix with menstrual bleeding and does not merge. The patient should stop using asprin and vitamin pills 1 week in advance if he drinks.

The surgery can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia. If sedation anesthesia is preferred, the patient can easily go home immediately after surgery.

In vagina narrowing surgery or vaginal rejuvenation surgery, which has an important place among vagina aesthetic surgeries, the vaginal canal is surgically narrowed from front to back, the abundant mucosa and muscle tissue that are excess in the required amount are removed, the muscle structures that have been loosened and separated from each other and whose anatomy has been impaired are made more tense and tight by resuturing.

The basic principle of vagina aesthetics, even the most important issue, is not only to reduce the internal volume of the vagina, but also to bring the separated muscle structures together properly again. Again, women who go to vagina narrowing surgery have also had wipes in the structures called ruga, which provide friction in the inner area of the vagina and provide pleasure. This reduces friction between couples. With the vagina narrowing surgery, the parts of the rugas that have been erased are also removed, so that the ruga renewal ruga rejuvenization surgery is performed at the same time.

There is not much pain after vaginal tightening. A tenderness can be felt by sitting more attached to the tampon.1 day the tampon is left inside, the next day this tampon is removed. Therefore, after the tampon, the patient has the usual comfort. A slight leak may come from the inside for 3-4 days. There is no need to do anything for this. The patient can return to normal life within 1-2 days and the healing of the tissues is completed in a week. There is no problem of suturing since melting stitches are used in surgery. Sexual intercourse and life can only begin after 4-6 weeks.



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