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Tickle Remove


What is tickle removal?

What is jowl removal, also known as jowl aesthetics, is an operation to remove the drooping appearance in the jowl area, which is more common with age in patients. In case of jowl sagging, the face of the person causes a heavier and older appearance. Patients who are disturbed by this appearance resort to plastic surgery and perform chin removal operation. While the sagging jowl area will provide a smaller chin appearance, it will also make your neck appear thicker. You can look weaker and get a sharp chin appearance with the chin removal operation.

Tickle removal healing process

Jowl fat removal can be performed in a clinical setting or is performed under local anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, there is no pain during the operation and the patient gets rid of the unwanted jowl appearance with a 30-minute operation. After the chin liposuction, also known as jowl liposuction, the patient can return home and rest at home. Local anesthesia is administered with a needle, and therefore, it may cause redness or allergy in the patient. This process should be followed by the patient. When the patient sees any change in himself, he should consult a specialist. In the chin removal operation, it is made with an incision made under the chin and the scar is not visible. If you have excess skin, neck lift is also performed during the jowl fat removal operation. The recovery period of patients who also have a neck lift procedure takes up to a week.

Are the results of chin removal operations permanent?

The question of whether the results of chin removal operations are permanent, confuses most patients and they are afraid of experiencing the formation of fat in the chin again. The patient wants to get rid of his stomach after the chin surgery and needs to continue his normal life from where he left off. There are lasting results for many years in the operation, but after the operation, the patient should pay attention to his nutrition and should not experience sudden weight gain.

Jowl Liposuction procedure

Jowl sagging increases from a certain age or is genetically found in human structure. The sagging appearance of the jowl disrupts the aesthetic appearance and it is desired to remove it with an aesthetic procedure. With the Jowl Liposuction procedure, the sagging of the jowl is eliminated and a more aesthetic appearance is given to the person. Thanks to Jowl Liposuction, excess fat is removed and the chin area becomes more prominent.

Recovery time after chink removal

Recovery time after chin removal may vary according to certain factors. After the chin fat removal, the patient is given a bandage. This bandage covers the area from your chin to your head and must be worn. This product, which is also known as a head corset, should be worn by patients for three days. The first three days of the patient who has undergone chin removal operation may be painful and this is normal. The use of medications recommended by the doctor will shorten the recovery period after the chin surgery. The patient who has undergone a chin augmentation can continue his normal life after 10 days if he fulfills the doctor’s recommendations and takes good care of himself. There is no specific scarring in the chin-removal process. The patient has a small incision under the chin and this incision disappears over time.

Tickle Removal Prices

The prices for a chink removal may vary due to many different factors. Prices may vary depending on the doctor’s expertise, the clinic where the operation will be performed, the city, and the anesthesia situation. In the event that the person who will have a double chin removal procedure requests general anesthesia, the price will increase and an operating environment will be required. Prices may increase in direct proportion to these conditions.



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