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Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision nose surgeries are unfortunately performed in a number close to aesthetic nose surgeries in our country. Failure to fulfill the expectations of patients sufficiently, performing really unsuccessful surgeries, doctor errors, healing problems, aesthetic surgeries performed by doctors from other branches other than aesthetic surgeons are the factors that cause these figures. Sometimes these surgeries may be secondary or present in surgeries that are performed three or four times and still fail.

The ideal time for revision aesthetic nose surgery is after the 6th month.  The procedures performed in the first surgery and the results obtained guide the revision surgery. The condition of the bone and cartilage structures of the nose becomes important for the correction of the deformity that has occurred. Sometimes bone tissue, sometimes cartilage tissue is required. In cases where the support of the nose is taken, the problem is even greater. Therefore, recorrection surgeries are more difficult for the surgeon than the first surgeries.

Ear and rib cartilages may be needed to replace the missing tissues and to correct the deformity. Sometimes, deformities may have occurred as a result of insufficient tissue removal that has not been done much. In such cases, relatively easier operations are sufficient than the situations I have just mentioned. Again, in secondary nose surgeries, adhesions are observed in the nose and surgery becomes more difficult.



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