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Prp Treatment


What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), PRP is a name given to the application of platelet-enriched plasma and has been known as a very popular treatment method in recent years. In PRP treatment, rich plasma is obtained from the blood taken from the person and this plasma is applied to the desired area without injection. PRP, which can be applied to many different areas, can be applied by injection, laser or roller.

In which situations is PRP used and what are its benefits?

PRP treatment has many different uses. PRP can be used as a treatment on the scalp, scars, skin, vascular problems or in the tooth area. A specialist doctor should decide on the application of PRP treatment.

Use of PRP treatment on the skin

The use of PRP treatment on the skin is a very popular treatment method. PRP method is used in burns, scars, wrinkles, spots, acne and cracks on the skin. Recovery is expected in the area where the PRP treatment is applied. Although it is not always expected to disappear completely, recovery must be observed. Spot treatments such as peeling and laser are usually applied together with PRP to get a quick recovery result, and it usually speeds up the treatment process and pleases the patient. PRP treatment can be applied on the skin for up to 4 sessions, but there should be intervals between sessions. PRP treatment, which can be applied to all age groups and genders, takes about half an hour. In addition, PRP can be used as a mesotherapy or mask with the decision of the specialist doctor.

Use of PRP in hair loss treatment

PRP is used in the treatment of hair loss as well as on the skin. PRP treatment, which is used to prevent hair loss, is considered as a cosmetic application and results in the injection of plasma prepared from the person’s own blood to the area where hair loss is experienced. Plasma contains growth factors, minerals, proteins and vitamins. While these plasmas accelerate tissue healing, they provide hair growth thanks to cell renewal in the area where the hair is shed.

How is PRP obtained?

How to obtain PRP, PRP is a rich plasma obtained with the blood of the person. For these rich plasmas, first blood is taken from the person and placed in special tubes. Special tubes are placed in the centrifuge device rotating at high speed in a sterile environment. The centrifuge device separates the rich plasma from the platelet cells in the blood and the device is rotated quickly and for a certain time in order to obtain this rich plasma.

How is PRP treatment applied?

The rich plasmas in the blood taken from the person contain growth factor and are the richest part of the plasma. Therefore, it is good for skin, hair, wounds and leads to cell regeneration. These plasmas are applied to the problematic area by the specialist doctor with the help of small needles. In addition, PRP serum can be applied to the skin in PRP applications. It is necessary to make sure that the PRP taken from the pores is well absorbed.

How often is PRP done?

Although PRP treatment is applied session by session, it should be applied at certain intervals. PRP treatment can be applied at intervals of 2-4 weeks on average.

When Are the Results of PRP Treatment Seen?

PRP treatment may vary depending on the area applied. Since cell regeneration is expected in the applied tissue, it is necessary to be patient during the treatment period. Treatment may not give immediate results or be effective from the first session. For this reason, the 2nd or 3rd session should definitely be waited.

Are there any side effects of PRP application?

Many patients are worried about the side effects of PRP treatment and are afraid of treatment. However, PRP is a personalized treatment method and a treatment process is performed in accordance with the tissue and data of the person. Due to the use of one’s own blood, the risk of allergy is very low and a negative effect is indicated as a low probability.



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