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Penis Aesthetics


One of the most important problems for men is penis size, length, thickness and functionality. Today, men may complain about various deformities, size problems, thinness, curvatures in their penises and therefore prefer penis aesthetic surgery. Depending on many reasons or completely in direct proportion to the patient’s wishes, in the penis; penis lengthening surgery, penis thickening surgery, penis curvature correction surgery, circumcision errors correction surgeries can be performed.

The penis in a deflated state can be 5-6 cm. When it comes to erection, it grows in length and transverse, gains volume and lengthens. In case of erection, a normal penis is 13-14 cm on average, but 12 cm and above can be considered normal. Penises below this condition (11-12 cm) can be considered short. Again, the thinness of the penis thickness than normal can create an anxiety in men and demand that it be corrected. Penis thickness may vary more. A small and thin penis in a deflated state can become thicker in an erection.

Penis length shorter than normal

Penis thickness thinner than normal

Curvature of the penis direction in different directions, penile curvature

Advanced deformities due to circumcision errors

Due to the presence of excess fat in the hairy area on the penis, it demands surgery due to the presence of an embedded penis.

In penis lengthening surgery, in the method I apply; the distance between the penis and the bags is increased, so that an extension is achieved in the base of the penis, which is normally present but not visible. This elongation is evident both in the deflated state of the penis and in the erection state. This penis lengthening surgery that I prefer does not cause any loss of erection, sensation, pleasure or sensation in the penis.

Again, in some applied penis extension surgery techniques; penis extension augmentation surgeries are mostly based on cutting the suspansor ligament, which is the suspansor ligament, which is the suspender retaining ligaments of the penis between the subcutaneous bone and the penis root and the bone, and removing a part of the penis remaining in the body. What should be known is that this surgery increases the length of the penis in the normal position, not in the erection. In other words, there is no change in the dimensions of the erection. The biggest risk of this surgery is that the stability of the penis may decrease in case of erection. I do not apply this method and do not recommend it.

Again, sometimes due to improper circumcision, shortening of the penis skin may occur as a result of excessive removal of the penis skin. In this case, the problem is solved by increasing the penis skin sizes using Z plasty, V-Y advancement methods, or skin graft.

Sometimes in an overweight person, there may be an embedded penis. In this case, the fats in that area are removed and the penis is increased in length and visibility, and the penis is elongated. Again, one of the methods used to increase the penis length is to extend the connection between the penis and the scrotum and to make the scrotum and penis appear independent of each other. In this way, the penis on the underside of the penis appears to be elongated.



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