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Nostril Reduction Operation


What is nostril reduction?

Nostril reduction is a plastic surgery treatment used to improve the symmetry of the nose and narrow the nose. To shrink the nostrils, tissues at certain locations at the base of the nose are removed. An experienced specialist doctor is very important in order to make this process symmetrical and to have a smaller nose aesthetically. Nostril reduction surgery, which can also be carried out in coordination with rhinoplasty, can also be performed independently. General anesthesia is not required for the nostril reduction surgery performed independently. In the clinical setting, the nostril can be reduced with local anesthesia.

How is the nostril reduction operation performed?

Nostril reduction operation can be performed under local anesthesia in the clinical setting. If the patient wishes, he can also undergo a nostril reduction operation during rhinoplasty surgery. The opinion of the patient is determined by the specialist physician, and the size of the nostril is determined. This procedure requires a lot of detail, because the patient’s nostrils are too small or large, which may interfere with the patient’s daily life. In addition, the nostrils that get too small may begin to perform their functions less functionally. Since these situations do not occur, it is important that the specialist physician is experienced and carried out under control.

Nostril reduction with rhinoplasty

Nostril reduction operation can be applied to the patient during rhinoplasty. Nostril reduction operation is a non-surgical procedure. However, at the request of the patient who will have rhinoplasty, the nostrils can be reduced during the operation.

Nostril reduction with filler

Nostril reduction with fillers was one of the popular plastic surgery applications for a certain period. However, since the nostril is a very difficult area to intervene with filling, it has not been preferred much. Although it is known as a rarely used method, it is not preferred.

What are the factors to be considered in the nostril reduction operation?

There are many factors to be considered in the nostril reduction operation. First of all, suture lines are very important in the nostril reduction operation. Seam lines should be kept clean and cared for with care. Antibiotic creams are used in the nostril reduction operation. These creams are recommended by a specialist physician and should not be neglected. Stitches should be removed on time after the operation. One of the factors that determine whether there is a scar in nostril reductions is determined in suture removal. The area where the operation is performed should be protected from the sun and care should be taken not to be exposed to the sun. Especially after the stitches are removed, there are some incisions on the nose skin. Creams recommended by the specialist physician should be used for these incisions. Creams are very important to avoid scars. Periodic medical examination during the recovery period also allows the process to be completed in a healthier way. When the patient who performs the nostril reduction operation applies all these carefully at the end of the procedure, he looks much more comfortable in his daily life and his self-confidence increases. The patient’s nostrils, who have a happier mood from the moment he returns to his social life, fit better over time and become compatible with the nose. In addition, the successful completion of the nostril reduction operation allows the patient to breathe more easily.

How much is nostril reduction?

The cost of the nostril reduction operation varies according to the situation. In nostril surgeries, which are dependent on several factors, the expertise of the clinic and the physician is shown among the main factors. The answer to the question of how much nostril reduction is, varies according to almost every center.



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