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Nose Bone Curvature Surgery

Nose Bone Curvature Surgery

What is nasal bone curvature surgery?

What is nasal bone curvature surgery? Nasal bone curvature surgery is a situation where the bone and cartilage tissue are bent to the right or left. The curvature of the nose interrupts the daily life of the patient and causes different complaints. The treatment of nasal bone curvature is very important for the patient to breathe comfortably. Nose curvature can cause fatigue, focus problem, etc. It can cause many problems. Nose curvature surgery should be performed by a specialist surgeon to correct the curvature of the nose.

What Causes Nose Curvature?

There are two different causes of nasal curvature. The first cause is congenital curvature of the nose that is spontaneously present. The patient is born with a congenitally bent nose. The second reason is acquired nasal curvature. Nasal curvature may occur as a result of traumatic situations such as falls, injuries, and impacts in childhood. During the growing period, the nose may differ in shape and the bone may curve spontaneously.

How many hours does nasal bone curvature surgery take?​ ​

The duration of nasal bone curvature surgery cannot be specified clearly. The reason for this is that patients have different degrees of nasal curvature, which determines the duration of the surgery. The operation time of the patient who underwent rhinoplasty with nasal curvature is prolonged and differs.

Before nose curvature surgery

Before the nose curvature surgery, the patient’s triggers are made and general health control is provided. This control is important to avoid unexpected complications during anesthesia and surgery. The patient who is suitable for surgery is hospitalized on the day of surgery. Thus, data about the general health of the patient is obtained and it is ensured that the patient is healthy before the operation. The surgical procedure is tailored to the patient and the anesthesia team prepares itself for the patient. It is also a very important issue whether the patient smokes or not.

After nose curvature surgery

Thanks to nasal curvature surgery, the airway in the nose is opened. Generally, nasal packing is applied after surgery. The applied tampons are mostly air-channeled silicone. The reason for this is that the removal of tampons becomes much more comfortable because they are silicone. These tampons, which allow to breathe, allow the person to get through the post-operative process much more easily. It is possible for patients to return to their routine life 3 days after the surgery. One week after the operation, the tampons placed in the nose are removed. Thus, the patient does not have any scars after the operation. After this surgery, there is no skin incision or shape change in the external structure of the nose; however, there is no swelling or bruising in the lower part of the eye.


Nose curvature surgery risks

The risks of nose curvature surgery include the risks that occur in every surgery. The patient undergoing nasal curvature surgery may be exposed to complications related to the application of anesthesia or the curvature of the nose may not be completely removed.

Problems experienced by patients with nasal curvature

Patients with nasal curvature have narrow comfort areas from their daily lives and experience breathing problems. Although the breathing problem causes many different problems, the patient with nasal curvature may also feel uncomfortable in terms of aesthetic appearance. The person with the problem of nasal curvature experiences nasal congestion and trouble smelling. The problem of curvature of the nose can also cause bad breath, dry mouth, dental diseases, waking up tired, snoring, and lung diseases. Especially the curvature of the nose, which is the beginning of different medical problems, creates a risk for the formation of sinusitis and the formation of allergies.

Nasal bone curvature surgery prices

Nasal bone curvature prices may vary according to the experience and demand of the specialist physician. In addition, clinical conditions, type of anesthesia, rhinoplasty in addition to bone curvature will make a difference in prices.



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