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Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation


Breasts are one of the most important beauty and self-confidence elements for women. With the increase in aesthetic surgery surgeries, one of the most preferred and most satisfactory surgeries of women in our age is breast augmentation surgery with silicone prosthesis. Due to reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight gain and loss, breasts may shrink, sometimes sag or may not reach sufficient size and size as a result of growth retardation.

In such cases, it is possible to create fuller, larger, more viscous, aesthetically more beautiful looking breasts with projections with the surgeries performed to enlarge and plump the small breast. This breast augmentation can be done with the most appropriate silicone breast prostheses.

Breast augmentation surgery is the process of increasing breast volume with breast prostheses placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle tissue. This intervention can be applied for structurally small breasts, for asymmetries and size differences, or for breasts that have shrunk and hollowed out after birth. 

After the examination for breast augmentation, the aesthetic surgeon identifies other variables that will affect the decisions about the surgery, such as the skin covering the rib cage, the presence of breast tissue, its volume, whether there is sagging, whether there is any mass, and the condition of the breasts. For cases where the breasts are obviously saggy, the aesthetic surgeon may recommend a method that will reduce and reshape the breast skin in addition to breast augmentation surgery, that is, breast lift surgery.



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