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Nipple Inversion


One of the problems that concern the nipple in women is that the nipple is collapsed inwards. This situation is in women; aesthetically, functionally and psychologically, it can be a big problem. The patient may be dissatisfied with the appearance of the breast, this may lead to psychological insecurity in herself, and the inability to breastfeed her baby due to the ingrown nipple during breastfeeding may occur.

Nipple inversion may be congenital or congenital, but may be due to subsequent surgeries performed on and around the nipple and infections in the breast. As a result, fibrous bands will pull the nipple backwards and a collapsed nipple will form.

Collapsed nipples can becorrected with a 30-45 minute operation that can be performed under local anesthesia for the treatment of nipple wreck. In the operation, an incision is made through the areola and the bands that pull the nipple are released and the supporting tissue is created under the nipple by bringing flaps from the breast tissue to the lower part of the nipple. Recovery occurs in about 1 week. Since the areola tissue heals very well, there is no obvious scar.



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