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Neck Aesthetics


Aesthetic neck lift surgeries are performed alone as well as together with face lift surgery. The surgical incision made in aesthetic face lift surgery extends from behind the ear to the scalp. The neck skin and muscles are separated and stretched upwards.

The excess skin is removed by cutting and adapted to its new place. Wrinkles and sagging in the neck are removed, the chin angle is clarified, and a stretched and aesthetic neck appearance is provided. Since the neck lift surgery incision remains behind the ear, there is no visible scar when viewed from the outside. When there is fat in the lower part of the jaw, relaxation in the neck muscles and sagging due to them, it may be necessary to correct the tickle area separately and in this case it can be combined with liposuction or platysma plication.

Neck lift aesthetic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. The operation time is around 2 hours. A drain is placed under the skin of the neck to prevent blood accumulation. The drain is removed after 1 day. Stitches heal in 1 week, swelling in the neck area begins to decrease in 1 week. You can continue your normal life 1 week after this surgery. When you get rid of edema and bruises after aesthetic neck lift surgery, you will observe a dramatic improvement in your neck area and the combined appearance of your chin and neck will disappear.



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