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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty (Mini Rhinoplasty)


Mini rhinoplasty, that is, nose tip aesthetics, is a surgery performed only by intervening in the tip of the nose without breaking the nose bones. This surgery is especially preferred to patients who do not have a belt on the upper part of the nose. If there is an excess of bone and cartilage in your nose, which is called a belt, classical nose surgery should be preferred. Although rhinoplasty surgery is an aesthetic surgery in which the outer and inner shape of the nose is corrected, the correction of the curvature in the nose, the correction of the turbinate hypertrophies called the flesh of the nose will provide an improvement and beautification in the outer part of the nose. In particular, it is extremely important that this situation, that is, intranasal curvatures, is corrected during the same operation. The cartilages to be obtained from here are used for aesthetic and support purposes in the tip of the nose, the front part, the skeletal part. Therefore, the correction of the inside and outside of the nose with different surgeries means that the cartilage resource to be found in our hands is wasted. Aesthetic nose surgery is one of the surgeries in which the plastic surgeon depends on the knowledge, skill, foresight, preparation and experience among all aesthetic cosmetic surgery surgeries. In rhinoplasty surgery, both functional and aesthetic external appearance will be corrected. The nose is the most prominent and most prominent organ in the middle of the face. Therefore, aesthetic nose surgery should be performed in extremely careful and experienced hands.


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