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Nasal Septum Deviation (Septoplasty)

Septum Deviation

The septum is a structure that divides the nose into two equal parts inside. It consists of cartilage in the front and a thin piece of bone in the back, and is covered with a cover called mucosa, which resembles skin. On both sides of the nasal cavity are nasal flesh, called turbinate, which heat and moisten the air, provide nasal secretions and are necessary for the continuation of nasal physiology.

In the normal nose, the septum is in the midline and the turbinate are of normal size. In the presence of septum deviation, the air passage narrows and growths occur in the turbinate.

Septum deviation is the nomenclature given to the curved septum. The whole or part of the septum is not in the midline and narrows the air passage to the nose on the side where it is curved. It is usually due to blows to the nose. The greater the deviation, the greater the nasal congestion. Since it is possible to breathe from the non-obstructed side, patients usually do not realize this. But over time, edema and meat growths (turbinate hypertrophies) are formed as a reaction on the normal side, and nasal congestion becomes pronounced.

Septum deviation must be corrected during aesthetic nose surgery. The external appearance of cases that are not smooth inside the nose may not always be beautiful.



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