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Mesotherapy Treatment


What is mesotherapy treatment?

Mesotherapy treatment is a cosmetic treatment applied to the area of ​​the body that needs repair or is desired to be improved. Mesotherapy treatment is an application performed with the latest medical technologies, as a procedure in which amino acids or pharmacological substances are injected under the skin with micro needles.

In which situations is mesotherapy used and what are its benefits?

In which situations is mesotherapy used and what are its benefits? If we seek an answer to the question, we can list many different reasons and benefits. Mesotherapy can be used as a form of treatment in quite different areas. Mesotherapy; It can be used in wrinkles, spots, cracks, cellulite, hair loss, weight loss, allergies or bruises under detention, injuries, chronic pain in the skin area.

In which cases is mesotherapy not applied or inconvenient to apply?

Mesotherapy treatment is inconvenient to apply in some cases. Mesotherapy treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with a history of stroke, those with blood clotting problems, urticaria patients or cancer patients.

Types of mesotherapy

There are different types of mesotherapy as well as the use of mesotherapy treatment in different areas. There are two different types of mesotherapy as PRP mesotherapy and needle-free mesotherapy.

PRP Mesotherapy

PRP mesotherapy, like PRP treatment, is taking the rich plasma of the blood taken from the person and reinjecting it into himself. Unlike PRP, in PRP Mesotherapy, the most viable fibrin and thrombocyte in the blood taken are separated and injected into the needed area again with micro needles. This process takes an average of 20 minutes and is a painless procedure.

Needle Free Mesotherapy

In the treatment of Needle-Free Mesotherapy, devices working with a pressure system are used. The substances determined for mesotherapy are injected into the skin with devices working with this pressure system.

When does mesotherapy show its effect?

There is no clear answer to the question of when mesotherapy takes effect. Although the healing processes vary from region to region, it may take some time to show its effect in the upper areas of the skin in mesotherapy treatment. For this reason, patients who go with the complaint of wrinkles should be patient after the treatment. Session session healing process accelerates and healing continues. However, the patient should continue his sessions and should not take a break.

How is mesotherapy applied?

In the mesotherapy treatment applied by a specialist doctor, many patients are investigating the treatment with the headings of “how to apply mesotherapy”. It is very important that you are personally examined by a specialist doctor. We can say that some drug mixtures or cocktails are prepared and injected into the area that is expected to be healed. The area to be injected is entered with micro needles and local anesthesia can be applied.

How long does mesotherapy treatment take?

Since there are different areas and methods in mesotherapy, treatment times may vary. There are different durations for aesthetic applications and therapeutic applications. In this case, the duration of the treatment suitable for your needs is indicated by the specialist doctor. Mesotherapy treatment is usually applied in sessions and there must be intervals between sessions.

What are the side effects of mesotherapy?

The side effects of mesotherapy are very few due to personal analyzes and special mixtures of the specialist doctor. Temporary redness or crusting may occur in the area treated with mesotherapy. This is normal and disappears within 1-2 days.

Things to consider after mesotherapy

The most important thing to consider after mesotherapy is the damage to the skin. Even if the treatment is applied with very small needles, the skin is somewhat damaged. Because of this damage, sessions should be done intermittently and attention should be paid to resting the skin. A re-session should be provided with the skin that renews itself. It is important that water does not touch the area where mesotherapy treatment is applied for the first 15 hours. It is also necessary to be protected from the sun’s rays. The most important reason for protection from the sun is the absence of different colored tones on the skin.



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