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Lip Lift Lip Aesthetics


The dream of our epimiz; A vibrant, dynamic and bright Upper lip is a surgery performed to shorten the size, correct the sagging of the lips, and make the red part of the lip prominent and visible. In lip lift surgery, a tissue starting from under the base of the nose and extending to the lip is removed and the skin on the lower side is brought to the base of the nose and sutured. In this way, the width of the skin part of the lip is reduced and the length is shortened. This section; affects the part between the columella (middle column of the nose) and the eros bow in the pink part of the lip.

Normally, the length of the lip in this area is between 15-25 mm. This length may vary according to the person, gender, structure and age. With lip lift lip lift surgery, it is possible to reduce between 5-10 mm at this distance.

Lip lift surgery; It is performed especially in patients where the upper lip is very thin, the red part is not obvious, and the lip spring is very uncertain when viewed from the side, in order to lift and clarify the lip. Lip lift can also be performed in patients whose lip is of normal size but wants to look more raised. Lip lift surgery is performed in patients who aim to make their teeth appear more when talking and laughing. Sagging of the face occurs over time and with aging. In these patients, the lip length also lengthens and the lip becomes thinner. For this purpose, lip lift surgery can be performed to make the patient look younger.



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