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One of the most common and most uncomfortable vagina aesthetic problems for women is the size, sagging and color changes of the outer and inner lips. One of the sexual vaginal aesthetic surgeries, the operations of reducing the labiums (inner lips) are called “labiaplasty-labiaplasty” surgery.

Anatomically small inner lips (labium minus) are located between the large outer lips in the form of thin skin folds. Joining upwards in the front midline, they close and cover the clitoris like a sheath. The small inner lips shrink to the back and become a vague fold. In some women, although the inner lips are long and large to protrude from the outer lips does not create a significant problem in terms of health, aesthetic cosmetics can disrupt the appearance and cause discomfort. This  condition, which can exist genetically at birth and can occur after childbirth or as a result of excessive weight gain and loss, can adversely affect the sexual life of the woman and create coldness between couples. Labiaplasty surgery, that is, inner lip aesthetics, can be performed on anyone who is married or single, who has given birth or not.  Inner lip aesthetic surgery can also be performed together with vagina narrowing surgery.

In this surgery, which can be easily performed under local anesthesia, the inner lips  are reduced as much as necessary and not visible between the outer lips. The average duration of inner lip aesthetic surgery is 1 hour. self-dissolving sutures are used in inner lip aesthetic surgery. After the operation, no dressing is made, the operation site is left open, and this area is cleaned with antibiotic pomades.

The patient can return to his daily life as of the next day. The healing of the stitches is completed in a week. There will be swelling for the first 3-4 days and sometimes there may be slight pain with sitting. After 4 days, the pain largely passes. After 1 week, you can do what you want. After about 1 month, healing occurs in a way that no one can understand. The genital area  is a lucky area in terms of wound healing and the scars are almost never obvious.   Sexual intercourse can be performed 4 weeks after labiaplasty surgery.

This surgery does not damage the hymen, there is no harm or obstacle to sexual intercourse, pleasure, orgasm, conception and giving birth. When the healing process is completed after the operation, there is no scar and it cannot be understood that the operation is performed. After the operation, there will be no problems with urinating, going to the toilet.

Sometimes the outer lips along with the inner lips may be larger, saggy and thicker than normal. In such cases,  a correction can be achieved by intervening in both the inner and outer lip.



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