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Hymen Repair (Hymenoplasty)


Hymen and hymen with the name of medical latin; It is a formation that needs to be protected both in our country and in oppressive societies and is planned to be broken only in marriages. For this reason, women whose hymen is disrupted before marriage both by intercourse and for other reasons make this situation a very important issue and  apply for hymen repair and hymen suturing.

The hymen is located 1-2 cm behind the entrance in the vagina connected to the inner part of the small inner lips. Although there are many different types, there is an opening in the middle of the hymen. From here come vaginal secretions and menstrual bleeding.

We Know and Care About Your Situation

Since we know the importance of hymen suturing surgery for you, we attach great importance to you and this surgery. We know that this surgery is a difficult decision on your part, and we want you to know that patient privacy is very important to us as well.

The hymen may be torn by normal sexual intercourse, rubbing, foreign body, masturbation, trauma to the genital area or doctor’s examination, as well as sometimes it may be damaged by haifce or partial tear. Under normal conditions, a certain amount of bleeding is expected to occur during the rupture of the hymen, but in some types of hymen, bleeding may not always occur despite sexual intercourse, and this may cause personal problems, family and marriage problems.

Some types of hymen imperforatus have an elastic consistency and may not tear or bleed during intercourse. Hymen of this type are torn only during childbirth. Another reason for the absence of bleeding is that the hymen ruptures from a part of the hymen that is without a vein or there is very little bleeding, which cannot be confused with vaginal secretions during intercourse.

Hymens can differ from each other depending on their anatomy and sometimes structurally; this situation is actually made up of the variety of hymen. There are different types of hymen. Ring-shaped himen annulare, semi-may-shaped himen semilunare, lip-shaped himen labiale, two-hole hymen, multi-hole himen cribriformis, unperforated himen imperforatus himen are some of the types.




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