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Hip / Butt Aesthetics


Hip aesthetics have become very popular especially in recent years. Hip butt aesthetics, also called gluteoplasty, is an aesthetic surgery application that makes the buttocks look fuller, more beautiful and erect. Hip aesthetic surgeries, which have found a large number of application opportunities in recent years, are performed in different applications according to the patient. Basically, we can classify hip aesthetics as augmentation – plumping and reduction. These surgeries, called BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), can be performed with different techniques.

Hip augmentation and plumping surgeries can be performed in two types

Hip Augmentation with Fat Injection: One of the best methods for augmentation and plumping is to remove excess fat from excess places by liposuction and inject it into the missing and empty areas, that is, to fill it with fat injection. In particular, the fat in the excess parts of the buttocks is reduced and transferred to the areas that will make the buttocks look upright and full. In this method, called micro fat graft technique, fat cells are taken with an injector under low pressure with special thin cannulas without damage and injected into the missing places after a special process.

In this case, the patient’s own adipose tissue will be used and it will be quite healthy and natural. The disadvantage is that some of these fats are melted by the body over time, which will cause a decrease in fullness. On average, 40-50% of the fats given will maintain their vitality. The fats that will remain alive at the end of 6 months mean that they will be permanent for life.

The disadvantage of this surgery is that if you do not have enough fat tissue in your body, you will not be able to obtain enough fat to be added.

After the operation, the patient recovers quite quickly as liposuction surgery, swelling and bruising will occur in the hip area for about 1 week. You can resume your normal life within 2-3 days. It is necessary to wear a corset for 1 month. The final result will be clear in the 6th month.

Hip Augmentation with Gluteal Prosthesis: Aesthetic hip butt prosthesis is a silicone implant that is surgically placed in patients who complain about the small size of their hips (buttocks). In butt prosthesis surgery, the implant can be placed between the gluteus maximus and medius muscles in the hip area, and sometimes behind the muscles. Prostheses are similar to prostheses used in breast augmentation surgeries with silicone.

The prostheses used here are “very cohesive gel” silicone prostheses. In other words, these prostheses are very hard prostheses and do not explode or leak in any way. However, they cannot be felt manually in any way after the operation. Therefore, the softness and consistency of your hips will not deteriorate.

Since the surgery is performed with a small incision in the fold between the two buttocks, no scars are clear. The prosthesis should not be laid on for 2-3 days after the operation. Patients can return to their daily activities within 2-3 days. After an average of 15 days, patients are relieved as the swelling will be greatly reduced. However, it is necessary to avoid heavy activities and sports for 1 month after the operation. After 1 month, you will have newly formed, fuller and shaped hips.




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