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Hair Treatments



    Hair treatments are applied to people for many reasons. Hair stress can be caused by genetic causes, excessive smoking, vitamin deficiency, cosmetic accidents, malnutrition, etc. It can be lost for many reasons. Hair treatments can be applied for these lost hairs and the hair can be restored to its old appearance thanks to specialist doctors. Hair loss may not always be completely rinsed, but it is greatly regressed thanks to hair treatments. It is possible to intervene in the patient with more than one hair treatment method. Hair treatment methods that can be performed to make the hair look healthy are as follows:



  • Grow Factor
  • PRP (concentrated form of growth hormones),
  • Growth factor + PRP hair treatment
  • Dermapen
  • Hair mesotherapy
  • hair laser

To whom can hair treatments be applied?

To whom hair treatments can be applied, the most correct answer to the problem can be given as patients with hair loss problem. If the hair loss is above normal shedding and has been diagnosed by a specialist doctor, if the hair loss continues for many years, hair treatment should definitely be applied. Early treatment is a very important issue from hair treatments.

Grow Factor hair treatment

Grow Factor hair treatment actually knows as a power factor and is a treatment that helps strengthen hair. In the Grow Factor treatment, the hair is nourished and the hair is repaired with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In this process, small needles are inserted into the roots of the hair and a growth effect is given to the hair with protein-rich serums.

PRP hair treatment

PRP hair treatment is actually applied for skin, orthopedics and many areas other than hair, and successful results have been obtained. In PRP hair, which is a very popular treatment method, hair follicles are treated with plasma obtained from thrombocyte obtained from the patient’s own blood. This treatment helps hair grow healthier and revitalizes hair.

Grow Factor + PRP hair treatment

Grow factor + PRP hair treatment is the combination of two different treatment methods by specialist doctors. This application is completed in 10 sessions and a session is performed every 15 days. Grow Factor + PRP hair treatment helps the hair to gain healing and provides repair.

Dermapen hair treatment

Dermapen hair treatment is known as a treatment method on the skin as well as on the hair. Dermapen hair treatment opens micro channels in the scalp with micro needles. This application allows the increase of collagen in the hair. Vitamins are delivered to the channels opened with micro needles. Pain is minimal in this treatment.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is also known as a vitamin cocktail and vitamin mixtures are injected into the hair follicles. Thanks to the cocktail mesotherapy gun, it descends to the hair follicles and transmits the vitamins to the hair follicles. This treatment varies between 4-10 sessions. Sessions are usually 20 minutes long. Thanks to hair mesotherapy, hair strands become stronger and hair loss regresses.

Hair laser treatment

Hair laser treatment helps increase blood circulation in the scalp and sends heat under the skin. Hair loss in hair follicles stimulated by heat regresses and protects the hair from polluted air.



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