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Hair Transplantation in Women


What is hair transplantation in women?

The question of what is hair transplantation in women surprises many people and it is generally thought that hair transplantation is specific to men. However, hair transplantation can be performed in women, just as in men, and successful treatments are observed. Female pattern hair loss can occur due to reasons such as malnutrition, stress, hormonal problems. In female pattern hair loss, it may attract attention at first glance due to the length of the hair and the person may be disturbed by it. Hair transplantation in women can treat hair loss and eliminate baldness.

Is hair transplantation in women different from men?

Many people wonder if hair transplantation in women is different from men, and it is thought that the same application is applied to both genders. But hair transplantation in women is different from men. For hair transplantation in men, the hair is scraped and usually shaved is performed. Such a treatment is not recommended for hair transplantation in women. In terms of aesthetic appearance, shaving is not performed in women, and only a small area on the nape is scraped and the donor is collected. This area is quite small and can be camouflaged by hair.

Can the forehead be narrowed with hair transplantation in women?

The question of whether the forehead can be narrowed with hair transplantation in women is confusing for many women. Female patients who want to narrow the forehead with hair transplantation in women usually complain about their wide foreheads and therefore they apply for hair transplantation. It is possible to narrow the forehead with hair transplantation in women and it is a very permanent solution. Narrowing the forehead with hair transplantation in women not only helps the person achieve the aesthetic appearance they want but also facilitates the removal of the gap. The specialist doctor should consider the direction of hair growth while narrowing the forehead by hair transplantation in women.

How is hair transplantation done in women?

The question of how hair transplantation is done in women is important for many patients because the patient who will have hair transplantation may be worried. In women’s hair transplantation operation, donors are collected one by one from the dense haired area of ​​the woman’s nape. These hair follicles are placed one by one by opening a channel to the area showing baldness. Hair transplantation in women is usually done with the FUE technique. The most important reason for using the FUE technique is that it provides a traceless appearance. After the hair transplant operation in women, which lasts 6-8 hours, the patient is called for dressing again. The patient experiences crusting and redness on the scalp within a week. In this situation, which is quite normal, the patient should wait patiently for the crusting to pass. With the end of the crusting, the patient can continue his normal life from the 10th day.

Does hair transplantation work for women? How successful is hair transplantation in women?

In order for the hair transplant process to work and be successful in women, the operation must be performed by a specialist doctor. Success will be achieved if hair transplantation is performed by a team of experts and a doctor in hair transplantation in women.

How long does it take for a transplanted hair to grow back?

In hair transplantation, the most impatient part of the patient is the part where he waits for his hair to regrow after hair transplantation. But the patient should be patient at this stage. In hair transplantation in women, female patients want their new hair to grow immediately and have a healthy appearance. However, these wishes of female patients can be achieved 8-12 months after the hair transplant treatment is completed. In women’s hair transplantation, a shock loss occurs after the hair transplantation is completed. After 3-4 months after this shock shedding, the hair starts to show itself. Hair growth rate can vary depending on many different factors. This also depends on your body’s hair growth cycle and your diet.



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