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Hair Transplant Techniques


What are hair transplantation techniques?

Hair transplantation techniques, one of the most popular options among cosmetic treatments, continue to attract the attention of people of all ages and genders, regardless of male and female. There are many different techniques of hair transplantation, which is a treatment method that anyone who experiences baldness or hair thinning can apply. Although some of the hair transplantation techniques date back to the past, they emerged thanks to a few new medical technologies and started to become popular rapidly. Hair transplantation techniques; There are 6 types of Fue hair transplantation technique, FUT hair transplantation technique, Robotic hair transplantation technique, DHI hair transplantation technique, Hyperbaric hair transplantation technique and Manual Punch hair transplantation technique. The specialist should decide which technique will be suitable for the patient.

FUE technique in hair transplantation

FUE technique in hair transplantation is known as the most popular hair transplantation technique. The hair follicles from the nape are collected one by one to inject them into the area to be transplanted. These collected hair follicles are placed one by one in the channels opened in the areas where hair transplantation will be performed. The processing time of the FUE technique may differ depending on the size of the area. Thanks to the FUE technique, the recovery time is considerably shortened and the operation is completed without a scar.

FUT technique in hair transplantation

FUT technique in hair transplantation, which was one of the most preferred applications until 20 years ago, has started to be used less frequently with the emergence of new technologies and leaving scars in the region. FUT technique in hair transplantation, which is one of the oldest hair transplantation methods, is performed by cutting the skin layer and removing the hair follicles in the area. The hair follicles taken are placed in the desired area to be transplanted. The recovery period of the FUT technique is long in hair transplantation, where the procedure time is quite short.

Manual Punch technique in hair transplantation

Manual Punch hair transplantation is actually known as a sub-method of the FUE technique. In hair transplantation, the Manual Punc technique is applied by collecting the hair follicles in small holes opened in the region of the hair follicles. This hair transplant technique, named after a machine called Punc, was used in the early years of the FUE hair transplant technique.

DHI technique in hair transplantation

DHI technique in hair transplantation is known as the second most preferred method after FUE technique. In the DHI hair transplant technique, hair follicles taken from the donor area are transferred to the area to be transplanted with a choi implanter. The feature that distinguishes it from the FUE method is that the waiting time of the hair follicles is short in the DHI hair transplantation technique. In addition, in the DHI hair transplantation technique, the patient does not need to be shaved.

Robotic technique in hair transplantation

Robotic technique in hair transplantation is a fairly new method and has existed with superior technology. In this new technique, hair follicle collection and hair transplantation are performed by software applied by computers. Robotic hair transplantation, which is the most preferred technique after the FUE technique, works with the same rules as the FUE technique and performs almost the same operations. The feature that distinguishes it from the FUE technique is that the Robotic technique is made with computers, not human power, that is, it is more technological.

Hyperbaric technique in hair transplantation

Although the Hyperbaric technique in hair transplantation is not well known, it can sometimes be preferred by specialist doctors due to the rapid recovery process. The Hyperbaric technique, which is generally applied to accelerate the healing process, heals the wound more quickly due to oxygen. This method can be used to close the wounds and opened channels after the hair transplant operation. Hyperbaric technique in hair transplantation is used after hair transplantation operation.



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