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Genu Valgum (Knock-Knee) Aesthetics


Nowadays, women attach great importance to the appearance of their legs. Due to deformity, distortion, thinness and curvature in the backs, women cannot wear skirts, they are afraid to swim in the sea and this leads to psychological disorders in patients. Today, there are various solutions to correct crooked legs, leg curvatures and leg subtleties.

Leg Curvature Thinness Correction Using Calf Implant

The so-called calf implant is another form of silicone placed on the breasts in women. This is also called calf silicone or leg silicone surgery (calf implant). In the operation, silicone is placed in the inner and rear part of the leg along the length and the leg is thick both inward and backward and the curvatures are camouflaged.

Crooked leg aesthetic surgery is performed under general or sedation anesthesia and the operation time is 1-1.5 hours. In the operation, the back of the knee is entered through a 4 cm incision from the natural folds. Since the healing of this area is very good, there is no specific scar. In the operation, an area is opened under the membranes surrounding the muscles and a silicone prosthesis is placed. After crooked leg aesthetic surgery, you can stand up on the same day, there will be mild pain due to tension for 3-5 days. After a week, the pains will completely pass. The swelling will increase for 1 week, then it will begin to decrease.

Leg Curvature Thinness Correction by Fat Injection

If the curvature is just at the edge of the knee and there is no problem in the lower leg, this problem can be eliminated by fat injection. Fat injection is the process of transferring the fat taken from another area of the body to another area in the same person by passing special processes.

Success in fat injection varies depending on the surgical material used, the way the fat is taken and given, and the transfer of the fats through various processes.

Approximately 40% of the transferred fats can remain permanently after 6 months. Therefore, in some cases, it may need to be repeated. In particular, injecting a large amount of fat does not increase success. Fats are removed by liposuction technique. The operation is performed by sedation anesthesia, or general anesthesia technique. Since sedation anesthesia is often preferred, the patient goes home as surgery in about 1.5 hours without feeling anything during the operation. There is no trace in the areas where the fats are transferred and in the areas where the fats are removed.

A swelling that lasts for 3-5 days will occur in the areas where fat injection is performed. Then you will be able to see the result in 1 month, but up to 6 months the fats will melt a little and after 6 months the final result will appear. Sometimes it may require a repetition after 6 months, depending on the situation.

Correction of Leg Curvature Thinness with Non-Surgical Aquafilling Filling

If the patient does not intend to have surgery, curvature correction, thinness removal and thickening of the leg can be done without surgery with aquafilling filling. This application is performed under local anesthesia and normal life can be returned immediately. With this application, volume can be added to the inside, outside, around the knees, ankles, any area that is missing.



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