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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Research conducted in recent years has proven that the most important adult stem cell store of the human body is its own adipose tissue, and that the fat in the abdominal region contains much more stem cells than bone marrow.

Silicone prostheses are still the most preferred method in breast augmentation in the world. However, patients who do not want to carry foreign substances, who are afraid of complications, who are afraid of surgery, who are in search of natural methods do not prefer silicone prosthesis surgery. The last method that can be applied to such patients is breast augmentation with stem cell rich fat. One of the most important features of this surgery is that there is no scar. Again, if the patient requests, breast augmentation without surgery can also be performed.

Patients with excess fat tissue in their body are the most suitable candidates for breast augmentation with fat injection. The abundance of donor sites in the body where fat cells will be taken facilitates the process to be applied and at the same time helps the person to weaken. Therefore, liposuction is also performed on the patient. Although fat cell removal is similar to the classical liposuction method, it requires a different method to be done with low vacuum and much thinner cannulas.

Fat is obtained more slowly, which will be different from the normal liposuction technique. Then, the oils obtained are centrifuged and the useless parts are removed. Stem cell-rich fat tissue is made ready for transfer and transferred under breast tissue. Fat cells, which are very rich in stem cells, help to repair the area where they are injected and to restore the tissue in the damaged parts.



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