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Fat Injection


Fat injection, or lipoinjection, in other words, is the process of transferring the fats taken from another area of the body for the area we want to gain volume to the area we want to add volume to the area we want to plump by passing through special processes and applications. It can be used especially in the face area, nose between the lips lines, under the eyes, pitted areas, cheekbone, chin tip clarification, penis, female genital areas, vulva, breast augmentation, butt clarification, correction of deficiencies and curvatures in the legs. It is very successful in weak people and both deep and superficial lines where the fat content of the face is reduced.

Thepermanence of fat injection varies depending on the surgical instruments used, the cannulas, the way the fat is obtained and administered, the transfer of the fat through various processes, and the area where the fat is removed. Approximately 40% of the transferred fats can remain permanently after 6 months. To minimize such a situation, a little more fat transfer than the need is required. However, injecting too much fat does not increase permanence and the proportion of living fat. Therefore, in some cases, it may need to be repeated.

The same success cannot be achieved in every part of the body. The chance of success is higher in relatively sedentary areas, while in a completely mobile and mucosa-containing place such as the lip, the permanence is quite low. In another example, fat injection in the cheek area is more successful, while it may be less successful in moving areas such as the lower leg.



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