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Facelift Surgery


Aging, gravity, sun damage, changes in the face area due to the effect of wrinkles make the person look old, tired and unhappy. In order to eliminate these problems, face lift surgery can be performed especially in middle-aged and older patients. Since facelift surgery is mostly performed in the 40s and above, it is essential for this surgery that there is no significant health problem.

The purpose of face lift surgeries is; to restore the sagging cheek and neck area, to reduce wrinkles, to give the face a younger and more dynamic appearance.

The skin structures of the patients who will have facial aesthetic surgery, the condition of the adipose tissue, the skin elasticity, the condition of the bones, whether there are additional problems or not affect the surgical technique to be preferred.  Face  lift surgery can be performed in the form of classical face lift in older and sagging patients, or in the form of mid-face lift or MACS lift in those with less sagging. Thanks to face lift surgery, you will be made to look better and more beautiful.

Today, with the development of technology, non-surgical face lift methods have emerged in patients who do not prefer surgery.



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