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Dimple Aesthetics

Cheek Aesthetics

In recent times, the dimple aesthetics (dimple creation) which found its place among plastic surgeries draws attention with its increasing popularity. Dimple is a quite desired appearance on cheeks; it can be both-sided as being single-sided. There is not a certain age limitation for the dimple creation surgery, it can be performed everyone desiring from the age of 18.

Dimple Creation On Cheeks

Dimple creation is an operation performed from inside of the mouth, under local anesthesia, and lasting 30 minutes in average. Before the surgery, where the dimple will be created is determined and marked by examination. Then, after anesthetizing locally and being waited for a little, dimple creation surgery is performed. In the surgery, mimic muscles are sutured as to create dimple in desired region of the cheek. After surgery a slight swelling will occur, approximately after a week the swelling will get better. The sutures will dissolve by themselves in the mouth.

In the early period, the dimple will appear in both normal stance and while laughing; and after about 15 days, the dimple will show up only when laughing. Another feature of the dimple aesthetics is that in case of changing mind, it can be reverted back with a small operation.

Dimple Creation In Butt-Hip Area

An area also on which dimple can be created except the cheeks is the butt-hip area. Especially some patients who had liposuction surgery desire a natural fold on the back of lumbar region or the back of hip. In this case, it is possible to create dimple on the areas designated with liposuction. Generally, they are performed as both-sided and symmetrical pits. For the information about dimple creation surgery, you can contact your doctor, fill out the form.



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