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Dimple Aesthetics


Dimple aesthetics, which has recently found its place among aesthetic surgeries, attracts attention with its increasing popularity. The dimple is a very desirable appearance on the cheeks, it can be one-sided or two-sided. There is no specific age restriction for dimple aesthetic surgery, it can be performed on anyone who wants it from the age of 18.

Dimple aesthetics is an operation that lasts an average of 30 minutes through the mouth under local anesthesia. Before the operation, the place where the dimple will be made is determined by examination and marked. Then, after local anesthesia is performed and waited for a while, dimple aesthetic surgery is performed. In the operation, the mimic muscles are sutured to form dimples in the desired area of the cheek. There will be a slight swelling after the operation, and after about a week, the swelling will improve. The stitches will dissolve spontaneously in the mouth.

In the early period, the dimple will be evident both in normal posture and when laughing, and after an average of 15 days, the dimple will appear only when laughing. Another feature of dimple aesthetics is that if it is abandoned, it can be reinstated with a small operation.



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