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DHI Hair Transplant


What is DHI hair transplantation?

What is DHI hair transplantation? DHI hair transplantation is a hair transplantation technique applied with medical pens called choi. Collecting the hair follicle and placing it in the desired area are known as two separate processes, and DHI hair transplantation reduces these two processes to one. DHI hair transplantation technique, which provides comfort and convenience to the patient by performing a single operation, does not require incision or channel opening in the hair. The choi medical pen used for DHI hair transplantation should only be used by specialists. A total of 3 stages in FUE hair transplantation technique are performed in two stages in DHI hair transplantation and the operation process is shorter. DHI hair transplantation is applied for patients with baldness or hair loss problems. DHI hair transplantation technique, which is suitable for everyone who has completed their physiological development, regardless of men and women, provides an intense appearance in the hair and is applied to have healthy and aesthetic hair.

How is DHI hair transplant done?

How is DHI hair transplant done? DHI hair transplantation begins with the application of anesthesia to the area where hair follicles will be taken for hair transplantation. The hair follicles of the patient, who is planned to have a painless operation with local anesthesia, are collected and placed on the scalp of the area where hair transplantation is desired, thanks to a special device. In the DHI hair transplantation technique, the placement process is performed with the choi medical pen. Choi medical pen is in a very thin form and has a structure that can place hair follicles. Thanks to the pen, healthy tissue is not damaged and allows more frequent planting. DHI hair transplantation is preferred as a result of the analysis of the patient by the specialist doctor. If the patient is suitable, the DHI hair transplant by the specialist also shortens the operation time. In DHI hair transplantation, after the roots are taken, they can be transferred to the other area without losing time. This saves time. It also has many advantages other than time. The most important of these advantages is that the grafts do not die.

How long is the DHI hair transplant procedure?

It is not correct to give clear information about the duration of DHI hair transplantation. The size of the area to be transplanted, the patient’s personal history or the structure of the scalp are factors that affect the duration. If it is desired to give an average time, considering the number of grafts, a time period of 6 to 9 hours can be shown for the DHI hair transplant operation. The patient may also need a second session. This situation may differ according to the expert opinion of the specialist doctor.

DHI hair transplant technique advantages

DHI hair transplantation technique has many advantages. The most important element of DHI hair transplantation, which has many advantages stated by experts, is to keep the hair follicles healthier. The reason for this is that, as we mentioned above, the hair follicles are less in contact with the outside due to time. The possibility of surviving hair follicles helps you to have more dense and bushy hair. In addition, since DHI hair transplantation does not perform an incision or perforation, tissue damage is also minimal. The smaller incision area is among the conditions that reduce bleeding. In addition, the fact that the DHI hair technique is an unshaven operation is an indication that the person will return to his daily life more quickly.

Disadvantages of DHI hair transplant technique

DHI hair transplantation technique has disadvantages as in every treatment method. The disadvantages of DHI hair transplantation emerge when we compare it with the FUE technique. DHI hair technique is more expensive than FUE hair technique and requires intervention by an experienced specialist doctor. Misuse of the choi medical pen used can also damage healthy hair follicles.



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