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Dermabrasion, or mechanical peeling, is a surgery to scrape the topmost layer of the skin. Dermabrasion surgery is usually performed to correct and alleviate the scars, pits, scars, spots or raised or collapsed scars left by the healing inflammatory cystic pimples.

In dermabrasion surgery, the top layer of the skin is peeled slowly and in a controlled way by means of special diamond tips. When the top layer of the skin, the epidermis and the superficial dermis, peel off, the body very quickly brings new tissue to these areas, resulting in a smoother, tighter and fresher skin layer.

Especially when applied to the pits left by pimples, the superficial ones pass the acne scars and the deep scars become more uncertain. Pores close, spots are smoothed out, the skin becomes more vibrant, clearer. Dermabrasion is a one-time procedure, but if necessary, the procedure can be repeated after at least 6 months.

How Dermabrasion Can Be Performed With An Anesthesia

The operation is performed under local and sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the width of the area to be dermabrasion. When surgery is performed under local, sedation anesthesia, the person can return home on the same day. In this case, nothing will be felt during the surgery, but as soon as it ends, the person will be able to return to his normal state. If no additional surgery is performed when surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the person may return home on the same day or the next day.

After Dermabrasion

After the skin peeling surgery, a very light dressing is applied to the face area or left open by applying plenty of pomade. I usually prefer to put a dressing on the top of the skin. In this way, both the patient is more comfortable and there is no pain or burning sensation. Since the epithelialization will be completed in 24 hours, you can touch your hand to the application site the next day.

There is no pain or bleeding after dermabrasion mechanical skin peeling surgery. A fresh, renewed skin with a light pink color will emerge from the bottom. This pinkness decreases over time and after 1 week, your skin regains its normal color. A tone difference of up to 1 month may occur between the places where the application is made and the places where it is not applied.

Patients can return to work after 1 week. It takes 6 months to fully complete the recovery. Sunscreens must be used during this period. Patients with white skin color recover more quickly and quickly, and dark-skinned patients can easily have this surgery. However, the color recovery period takes a little longer than the white-skinned people. Dermabrasion surgery should be performed by an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon.

After dermabrasion, temporary spotting, whiteness or brown color changes may occur on the skin. Again, small whiteness called milia may occur. These situations will pass by themselves.

Laser Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion can be performed mechanically or with laser. Erbium laser and Co2 laser systems are used for this application. Laser dermabrasion can be performed in a more controlled way than mechanical dermabrasion. At the same time, the healing rate of laser dermabrasion is faster than mechanical dermabrasion.



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