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Closed Nose Surgery


What is closed nose surgery?

Closed nose surgery is known as one of the most popular methods used in rhinoplasty. Unlike open nose surgery, the nose is shaped by making an internal incision without opening the soft tissues.

How are closed nose surgeries performed?

The question of how closed nose surgeries are performed confuses many patients and shy away from the thought of surgery. However, closed nose surgeries are easier than open nose surgeries. In closed nose surgeries, the incisions are made internally, not externally, so that no suture marks are formed at the tip of the nose. In closed nose surgeries, the patient is under general anesthesia and at the end of the operation, nasal plasters are placed and some patients may not need a tampon. If a tampon is to be applied to the patient, it is usually applied in the form of a silicone sheet. These tampons are removed by the specialist physician within a week. Although the healing process is much faster in closed nose surgeries, smoking, post-operative care, patient’s age and skin condition are among the factors that determine the recovery period. The patient can easily return to his daily life 2 weeks after the closed nose surgery and has an appearance as if he had never had an operation. However, it takes 6-12 months for the nose to take shape and fit on the face after nose surgery.

Advantages of closed nose surgery

Closed nose surgeries have many different advantages. Closed nose surgeries provide less scarring than open nose surgeries, accelerate the healing process, less bruising occurs after surgery and less damage to soft tissue.

In which cases is closed nose surgery applied?

With closed nose surgery, many problems can be treated and the patient can return to his daily life more comfortably. In closed nose surgeries; Many problems such as eliminating the curvature of the nasal bone, reducing the wings of the nose, reducing the nostrils, eliminating the drooping of the nasal tip are solved. In addition, problems in the nose can be corrected with the rasping technique in closed nose surgeries. In order for the patient to be able to perform the procedure as he/she wishes during closed nose surgery, the patient should definitely explain his/her request to the doctor before the operation. Because if the patient has a utopian request, the patient may not like the shape of the nose after the surgery. Before the operation, the patient should be listened carefully about the shape of the nose and in case of a different request, the patient should be warned by the physician.

Before and after closed nose surgery (closed rhinoplasty) surgery

There are many factors to consider before and after closed nose surgery. Before the closed nose surgery, all the examinations of the patient are performed and the general health status is checked. The suitability of the patient who will receive general anesthesia for anesthesia is examined by the anesthesiologist and a full-scale preliminary examination is performed. These are important to avoid a complicated problem during closed nose surgery. Your doctor should talk to you about the nose shape you want and understand you. Closed nose surgery lasts an average of 4 hours and the first hour after the operation is under the effect of anesthesia. The patient who undergoes the operation stays in the hospital for one night and is discharged. The patient who has closed nose surgery should constantly put ice on the nose and its surroundings in order to keep bruises and redness to a minimum. The patient can return to his daily life after a few weeks. The patient should be protected from blows to the nose.

Closed nose surgery prices

Closed nose surgery prices may vary depending on many factors. These factors are the expertise of the physician, the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the city and nasal problems. Patients who want to have closed nose surgery should meet with the physician face to face and be examined. After the examination, the doctor will provide you with 3D planning and will also specify the cost.



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