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Chin aesthetics


The chin is the area located at the bottom of our face, which provides the connection between the face and the neck. Not only visually, but also with the help of the joint with the head, it provides the function of opening and closing our mouth. The chin is also aesthetically important for the face area. Like the nose, the tip of the chin should be proportional and compatible with other parts of the face. It is one of the important structures that make up the profile of the face.

Orthognathic surgery or jaw aesthetics is the process of eliminating this disorder by intervention for the jaws of patients who have biting and chewing problems due to the disorder in the tooth alignment.

The most important condition in aesthetic surgeries performed on the jaw is tooth alignment-closure and whether there is a condition that concerns the whole jaw. If the tooth alignment, jaw closure is normal only if it is a condition related to the jaw tip, different, if the tooth alignment and closure are damaged, surgeries related to the whole jaw are performed.



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