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Brow Lift Surgery


Eyebrows are structures that add meaning to the face together with the eyes. Eyebrows may droop lower than their normal upright position with gravity, aging, weight gain or loss, or genetic features, loosening and loosening of the tissues.

As a result of the drooping of the eyebrows, tired, exhausted, sad or other unwanted expressions may appear on the face. In addition to these situations, sagging of the eyebrows can be seen due to some diseases. These include facial paralysis, tumors, previous surgeries. In some advanced cases, there may be sagging of the eyebrows to a degree that hinders the patient’s vision.

Eyebrow lift operations can be performed together with upper face lift, mid-face lift or forehead lift surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery can be performed together with blepharoplasty (removal of eyelid bags) surgery or alone. Forehead lift surgery is a more suitable option in cases where there is sagging or low eyebrows.

There is no need for forehead lift when there is no total sagging of the eyebrows and only the outer edges of the eyebrows are desired to be lifted. The brow lift attempt alone can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia.



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