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Breast Reduction Surgery


Although breast reduction surgeries are plastic surgeries, they can also be performed for non-aesthetic purposes, to relieve the problems of patients and to relieve them. Women with large and sagging breasts are exposed to medical problems ranging from back, neck, waist pain, bra strap marks, eczema rash, bad odor, discharge, sweating, skin irritation to respiratory problems due to the excessive weight of the breast. In the end, the patients slouch a little and eventually a posture disorder occurs.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure for patients who have health problems or are uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts. The process of removing breast skin and breast tissue is called breast reduction. The patient who will have a breast reduction operation, which can be applied to both female and male patients, may have many different reasons. These can be excessive sagging of the breasts, bad appearance, bad smell, excessive sweating or excessive fatigue of the arm muscles due to weight.

Why Do Breasts Sagging?

There may be many different answers to the question of why breasts sag. The biggest reason for drooping eyes is hormonal irregularities due to aging. Pregnancy and lactation process in women with advancing age can also be shown as another reason. As we age, the tissue in the breast decreases and leads to sagging. Although rare, breasts affected by gravity may be congenitally drooping.

Breast Reduction Surgery

How are breast reduction surgeries performed? Breast reduction surgeries should be performed by a specialist surgeon and his team. The surgeon must fully understand the patient’s discomfort and act accordingly. A certain scar remains in breast reduction surgeries. The reason for this is that the tissue is removed by opening an incision in the chest. It is not possible to say anything clear about the duration of breast reduction surgeries. The size of the chest and the weight of the tissue to be removed are among the factors that affect the duration.

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

People may have naturally large breasts, and processes such as excessive weight gain and pregnancy may lead to an enlarged breast. Some women have very large breasts due to genetic factors and excessive weight gain. Some people feel uncomfortable with their breasts and continue their daily lives more happily thanks to breast reduction surgery. Before breast reduction surgery, breast mammography should be taken and checked by a specialist doctor. The most important reason for mammography is the presence of any disease in the chest. Thus, data about the general health of the patient is obtained and it is ensured that the patient is healthy before the operation. The anesthesia team prepares itself according to the patient. On the morning of the surgery, the patient’s last triggers are completed and the patient’s data is analyzed for the last time. The patient is hospitalized before the operation and is followed up for the operation process.

What the patient will wear after breast reduction surgery is also very important. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor and follow what he says. It is important that the patient’s breast takes shape after breast reduction surgery. During this process, the patient should pay attention to his nutrition and minimize the blows against the breast.

Do Breasts Enlarge After Reduction Surgery?

Will the breasts enlarge after breast reduction surgery? The question worries many patients. After breast reduction surgery, the patient’s breasts do not return to their original state or do not grow in such a large size. However, patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery may experience pregnancy, weight gain, etc. With these conditions, the chest may enlarge a small amount.

Can I Breastfeed After Surgery?

Patients who become mothers after breast reduction surgery cannot breastfeed. Considering the possibility of the patient being a mother before breast reduction surgery, milk ducts are treated more carefully. However, a certain part of the milk ducts can be removed during the operation.

Breast Reduction Prices

Breast reduction prices are important for most patients. The cost of breast reduction surgery can vary according to many different conditions. Breast reduction prices, tests, medicines, breast size and operation time are among the factors that affect the price. Another key element of the breast reduction price is directly proportional to the experience of the specialist surgeon.



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