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Abdominal Fat Removal

Abdominal Fat Removal and Prices

What is belly fat removal?

Abdominal fat removal is also known as abdominal liposuction and is the process of removing excess fat from the abdomen by medical means. In some cases, even if people lose weight, the fat in the belly area does not go away and imposes aesthetic concerns on the patient. To treat these conditions, it is possible to get rid of fat with abdominal fat removal operation. You may need abdominal fat removal surgery if you are complaining about your fat. Abdominal fat removal operation is a painless procedure without any complicated side effects. With the abdominal fat removal operation performed with local anesthesia, the sagging in the belly area is removed, the excess fat is separated from the body and the body becomes more curved.

What are the causes of fat in the belly area?

There are many different causes of fat in the belly area. Excessive lubrication may occur due to many reasons such as excessive weight gain, irregular diet, sedentary life, excessive alcohol consumption. However, in some cases, if the patient gains high weight and pays attention to his sports and nutrition, his belly fat keeps its place and does not go away. The rates of fat in various parts of the body are different from each other. The region where the fat is most concentrated is the shadow of the abdomen. For this reason, if the patient cannot get rid of abdominal fat, he may apply for abdominal fat removal operation.

Is it possible to remove belly fat without surgery?

The question of whether it is possible to remove abdominal fat without surgery confuses many patients and avoids surgery. However, abdominal fat removal is done by surgery. Abdominal fat removal is a surgical procedure and must be performed in the operating room. In the abdominal fat liposuction procedure, an incision must be made. This incision should be made in a sterile manner in the operating environment. This is a very important step for patient health.

Tummy tuck and liposuction

Tummy tuck and liposuction are two types of operations that are frequently asked and wanted to be done at the same time. Abdominal fat removal surgery is the process of pulling the fat around the belly through the cannulas with the help of a vacuum device. Sometimes, after this procedure, the patient may have excess skin and give it a wrinkled appearance. This situation is notified to the patient by the physician in advance. If the patient does not want to have this appearance, he may want to have a tummy tuck surgery. In line with these requests, tummy tuck and liposuction surgery are performed at the same time, giving the patient a fat-free and fit abdomen appearance. The area of ​​the navel area and the amount of fat to be removed from this area can make a difference in the duration of the surgery.

How long does the belly fat removal process take?

Although a certain time cannot be given for the abdominal fat removal process, the width of the abdominal region, the amount of fat to be removed, the health problems of the person cause the duration to vary. Patient belly fat removal process differs from person to person. In addition, whether the operation will be performed with local or general anesthesia is among the main factors that determine the duration of the operation. In the case of anesthesia, where the doctor and the patient mutually decide, some patients may prefer general anesthesia because of the fear of surgery. The operations of the patients who prefer general anesthesia are longer than the patients who are operated under local anesthesia.

Abdominal fat removal prices

Abdominal fat removal prices vary according to many different factors. There are many important factors such as the width of the abdomen, the weight of the fat to be taken, the operating environment, the experience of the specialist physician, and the city in order to price the procedure. It also determines the variability in prices in additional transactions to be applied for the transaction. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. For this reason, candidates who want to have abdominal fat removal operation should contact the physician and expert staff.



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