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What is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics is providing the aesthetic appearance of women in the vagina region with medical operations. The most frequently applied genital aesthetic applications in women vary according to the age, social economic status and wishes of the person.

Genital Aesthetic Types

While the operation is performed for problems such as clitoris size during adolescence in female genital aesthetic operations, procedures such as lip tightening, shaping of genital fat, rejuvenation of the genital area, and lightening are generally applied in married women. Most of these problems are solved with genital aesthetics and the patient returns to his daily life with increased self-confidence.

Genital Area Rejuvenation

Genital area rejuvenation application with Mesotherapy, IPL, Chemical peeling and Radiofrequency procedures plays a big role in lightening the spots and removing dark colors while helping the skin to be tightened. The genital area of ​​the patient can be rejuvenated in 4-6 sessions, and this period can be shortened or prolonged according to the condition of the genital area.

Genital Lightening

Genital bleaching is provided by chemical peeling, painless IPL and mesotherapy applications. The darkened area of ​​the genital area is opened thanks to these procedures. In addition, thanks to light therapy, dark pigment and spots in the genital area can be removed. At least 3 sessions are required for a definitive result, and genital bleaching and other genital aesthetics can be performed together.

Clitoris Reduction and Shaping

The clitoris of the patient is anterior in the clitoris reduction and clarification application, which is applied in patients who have problems due to the position of the clitoris. For this reason, in the application that requires surgical shaping, the problems experienced by the patients while wearing tight clothes, bikinis, underwear and sportswear are eliminated. It can be combined with genital aesthetic applications in this health problem where the patient is more sensitive. In addition, correction of excess skin on the clitoris is another aesthetic surgery operation performed with clitoris reduction.

Genital Lip Thickening

Genital lip plumping is a medical procedure applied to the patient’s congenitally thin and ambiguous vaginal lip. With the genital lip thickening operation, filling and fat transfer are made to the inner lips.

Genital Area Fat Shaping and Venus Aesthetics

Genital area fat shaping, which is used for gaining excess weight and sagging caused by gravity over time, is a genital aesthetic procedure that allows the correction of excesses and sagging. Fats in the genital area are removed by genital liposuction and a weaker vagina is targeted. In addition, the genital area fat removal process can also be applied with the process of clarifying the vaginal lips. The application can also be performed together with the genital bleaching operation in the same session.

Vaginal Tightening, Tightening and Vaginoplasty

The loosening of the vagina muscles, which occurs frequently in difficult births and due to factors such as birth ruptures, frequent births, opening stitches, and advanced age, is treated with the vaginal tightening method. This health problem is very important and should be treated because of not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse, the difficulty of laughing and sneezing, and urinary incontinence. Vaginal tightening, surgery and device applications with seamless recovery and firming sessions are preferred. Vaginal tightening can be done together with many genital aesthetic operations. In vaginal tightening operations, where you can choose both types of anesthesia, the operation is completed within 45 minutes. For full recovery, it should wait 4-6 weeks and the patient should be patient.

Vaginal Aesthetics and Orgasm Aesthetics

In order to prepare the vaginal tract for sexual intercourse and make it more comfortable, the operation can be performed with the help of a Radiofrequency device. In the operation, the wall surface is shaped with a radiofrequency device and this application can be done together with fat transfers that make the vaginal tract narrower and irregular.



Labiaplasty is performed to reduce the inner lips in the genital area and to make them aesthetically better. Apart from aesthetics, labiaplasty surgeries have sexual, hygienic, psychological and social benefits.
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Vagina Tightening Surgery

Vaginal tightening surgeries are surgeries that can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The tissues are brought together layer by layer by removing the tissues from the entrance of the vagina to the inner part of the vagina, on average 6-7 cm, and suturing them with intravaginal absorbable surgical sutures. The entire vagina is narrowed.
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Hymen Planting

Hymenoplasty or hymen suturing is the regeneration of the hymen with a permanent surgical operation. The term is derived from the Greek words hymen meaning "membrane" and raphḗ meaning "suture".
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Vulva Augmentation

It is the process of fat injection to patients who complain about the flatness or thinness of the vulva region, that is, the large lips and mons pubis (hairy, triangular-shaped region).
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Penis Aesthetics

Penile plasty, i.e. penile aesthetic surgeries, are surgical procedures performed to extend the length of the penis or increase the thickness of the penis or to correct the curvature of the penis.
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Premature Ejaculation Treatment

If there are signs that indicate a prostate infection or erection problem, diagnosis and treatment may cause the problem to disappear. Treatment methods can be grouped under two main headings as behavioral methods and drug treatments.
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