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Breast enlargement in men is a problem that can sometimes be solved by surgical methods and sometimes by drug treatments. While it sometimes occurs due to normal reasons (physiological) at certain stages throughout life, gynecomastia may occur as a result of some pathological reflections. For this reason, blood and imaging analyzes should be performed when necessary, as well as a detailed examination of the patient who comes with the complaint of breast enlargement.

What is gynecomastia?

We can say that the primary question that individuals who feel enlarged breasts are very curious about is what is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the name given to abnormal growth of breast tissue in male individuals. While gynecomastia sometimes affects one breast, it can mostly affect both breasts. In addition, sometimes they are not remarkable, but sometimes they can reach very different dimensions. Gynecomastia is not a serious problem in many cases, but for some individuals, it can be quite difficult to deal with. This difficulty, along with the psychological effect, creates insecurity in the social lives of individuals, as well as in the form of chest pain in some patients. Gynecomastia is a disease that needs to be treated depending on its cause. Although breast enlargement, which occurs only due to adipose tissue, can be improved to some extent with sports, sports alone may also be insufficient. However, if breast tissue enlarges, surgery will be required. As surgical methods, it is possible to be operated with the liposuction method or with limited incisions.

Gynecomastia Corset

Gynecomastia corset is a medical product that must be used after gynecomastia surgery. The operated patient should immediately wear the corset as of the end of the operation and use it regularly throughout the recommended process. If we give an average time for this process, we can say that it is 6 weeks.

What are the Gynecomastia Types?

According to the growth in the breast tissue, it is possible to examine Gynecomastia under 3 different names. These;
  1. Glandular Type Gynecomastia: In glandular type gynecomastia, the breast tissue has a small structure and external surgical intervention may be required.
  2. Mixed Type Gynecomastia: In addition to glandular type tissue, there is an excess of fat in the breast tissue of the patient. In this type of gynecomastia, in addition to exposing the patient to the surgical procedure, liposuction can also be performed.
  3. Lean Type Gynecomastia: In this type of gynecomastia, adipose tissue is predominantly in the form. In these cases, only liposuction is treated.

What are the Symptoms of Gynecomastia?

The most common symptom in gynecomastia is swelling around the breast and at the tip of the breast. In many cases, the swelling in the breast and nipple is followed by the discharge from the nipple. In addition to these, in some patients, a hard mass that can be felt when touched in the breast tissue can be felt. However, enlargement of the breast tissue is also observed. Depending on all these symptoms, pain and pain sensations can also be seen.

Gynecomastia Surgery Prices

Gynecomastia surgery prices are a very curious subject. We can say that it is priced according to the types of gynecomastia. While some patients can pass with Liposuction, a more extensive surgery is performed in some patients. If you are wondering about gynecomastia prices, you can come to our clinic located on Caddebostan Bağdat street, have a free examination and get the best price offer for you.
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