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What is Ear Aesthetics?

Prominent ear surgery means otoplasty. What is ear aesthetic surgery? There are surgical interventions to reshape the auricle and make it look natural. Many methods and techniques are used in ear aesthetic surgery. Who can have ear aesthetic surgery? Surgery can be performed on anyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of the ear shape. The person who will be operated on should be in good general health. The ideal age for surgery is 5 years old. However, performing ear aesthetic surgery before primary school age also provides psychological benefits.

How is ear aesthetic surgery performed? Ear aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of ear aesthetic surgery varies between approximately one to two hours. The duration of the surgery also differs according to each person. In ear aesthetic surgery, an incision is made behind the ear and suture techniques are applied by shaping the ear as desired. Depending on the patient’s ear problem, cartilage excision can also be performed. The purpose of ear aesthetic surgery is to give the ear a natural appearance. The incision mark made behind the ear after ear aesthetic surgery is inconspicuous because it is behind the ear.

How is Ear Aesthetics Performed?

Extremely large ears when viewed from the front are known colloquially as prominent ears, and this situation visually disturbs people of all ages. Men or women want to have prominent ear aesthetic surgery because of this problem. There may even be people who do not collect their hair due to the prominent ear appearance. This is a very disturbing situation.

Two main problems with the ear are corrected by ear aesthetic surgery. With plastic surgery and in both problems, the degrees of defect are different from each other. The degrees of the problem related to the ear are divided into three: two-thirds of the upper ear may be prominent, one-third above the ear may be prominent, and the entire ear may be prominent.



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