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Breast Reduction Surgery

Do breasts grow after breast reduction surgery?

Do breasts grow after breast reduction surgery? The question worries many patients. After breast reduction surgery, the patient’s breasts do not return to their original state or do not grow in such a large size. However, patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery may experience pregnancy, weight gain, etc. With these conditions, the breast may enlarge a small amount.

Before breast reduction surgery

There are many procedures prescribed by the Ministry of Health before breast reduction surgery. Before breast reduction surgery, breast mammography should be taken and checked by a specialist doctor. The most important reason for mammography is the presence of any disease in the chest. Thus, data about the general health of the patient is obtained and it is ensured that the patient is healthy before the operation. The surgical procedure is tailored to the patient and the anesthesia team prepares itself for the patient. It is also a very important issue whether the patient smokes or not. It is advantageous for the patient to quit smoking 1 month before breast reduction surgery. On the morning of the surgery, the patient’s last triggers are completed and the patient’s data is analyzed for the last time. The patient is hospitalized before the operation and is followed up for the operation process.

After breast reduction surgery

Certain side effects may occur in the patient after breast reduction surgery. This may be due to anesthesia or due to the procedures during the operation. For this reason, the patient is followed up after breast reduction surgery and it is observed whether there is a negative situation. It is quite normal for the patient to have pain after breast reduction surgery. The patient is kept under observation for 2 days and his data is monitored. What the patient will wear after breast reduction surgery is also very important. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor and follow what he says. It is important that the patient’s breast takes shape after breast reduction surgery. During this process, the patient should pay attention to his nutrition and minimize the blows against the breast. The patient remains under the effect of anesthesia after breast reduction surgery and cannot recover for a while. For this reason, the hospital expert team helps the patient and avoids sudden movements. The patient should not smoke for a long time after the effect of anesthesia or put weight on their breasts.

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